How to Cancel an Outlook Meeting Notice Quick and Easy

One of the functions that most like those who use Microsoft Outlook, is that you can schedule meetings, where there is an organizer for it. But there are certain protocols that must be followed so that a meeting can be canceled on this platform; It is for this reason that we want to teach you what you should do to Cancel a meeting reminder from Outlook easy and fast.

When we say this, we mean that if you have set up a meeting in Outlook, Before deleting it, you must first cancel it. And you can do this if you want to cancel only a meeting or a series, but in all cases only the organizer can do it. If you are invited to a meeting and want to cancel it, you need to ask the meeting organizer for permission to cancel it.

Don’t despair if you don’t know yet how to cancel an Outlook meeting notice, as we’ll show you what to do. Like any application, it has functions and options unknown to users and that is why these tutorials are born that show you, for example, what you must do to turn on or turn off read receipts in Outlook.

How to Cancel an Outlook Meeting Reminder Quick and Easy

Next we will indicate the steps that you are going to follow, if you only want to cancel a meeting in Outlook, but you can also modify or delete them, and for this you must do the following. First open Outlook Calendar and you must locate in it the date of the meeting you want to cancel, position yourself on the date and click below, a menu of options will be displayed and from which you will select “Cancel Meeting”.

outlook message

The next step is to select the option “Send Cancellation” and delete meeting by clicking and ready the action will be taken. Now all the people who were invited to this meeting will be informed via email about the cancellation, your calendar will also delete the meeting that is scheduled.

Steps to cancel a recurring series meeting reminder from Outlook

Now we will go on to list the steps to follow to cancel a series of meetings and the first thing we are going to do is open Outlook Calendar. You must locate one of the meetings in the series on the calendar; Once you have done this, click, a menu of options will be displayed and you must select Open series.

Then the option “Open Element Newspaper” which you must select by clicking and then click the “OK” button; now you must go to the toolbar and select the “Repetition” option, in the “Repetition range” section you are going to select the “OK” option, then an arrow appears next to it on the date.

You are going to locate this arrow on today’s date and in this way will end all meetings of the same series. Now all the people who were invited to the meeting will be notified that it was canceled and will also be removed from your calendar.

Steps to cancel a recurring series meeting notice in Outlook

The first step is to open Outlook Calendar and then look for the meeting date and once you locate it you are going to click on the meeting date. A menu of options will be displayed and you will select “Open” this repetition, then Open periodic element and you will click on the “OK” option.

The next step is to select the Cancel Meeting option. will show in the menu, then a dialog box will appear and you will choose the option “Delete this Event”. And voila, a notification will be sent to the meeting guests and the schedule for this meeting will be removed from your calendar.

outlook meeting message

In this simple way we have explained to all of you how to cancel an Outlook meeting reminder easy and fast. You just have to stick to the letter of the instructions that we indicate here and you will not have any problem to carry out this operation.

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