How to Cancel or Delete a Purchase in Mercado Libre What happens if I do it?

In these times it is very common for all of us to use some application or web page service for our comfort and safety. We have taken care of showing you some information later if you want to buy, sell or cancel a Mercado Libre purchase.

What is the function of Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre is the website that leads online commerce operations in Latin America in more than 10 countries. Mercado Libre’s main function is offer you thousands of products of thousands of categories for your acquisition through digital catalogs provided by the sellers of said items or producers of any service.

The objective of this platform is facilitate the exercise of the sale to all its users and provide them with a secure way for this. This online commerce technology company created in 1999 currently operates in 18 countries and is the number 7 platform worldwide in the field of electronic commerce.

With a device and internet connection we can make purchases in Mercado Libre as well as offer a product or service for sale. This page helps individuals as well as companies and businesses to expand the advertising of your items and services.

Provides the buyer with a safe method Through which you can make a purchase without the money being delivered to the seller until the seller has delivered the product or provided the service satisfactorily. Similarly, it has a reputation system at the end of each specified service where sellers are rated by buyers.

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How to buy at Mercado Libre?

To buy through the Mercado Libre page, it is necessary that you have an official registration on the page, that is, a user where you provide your data so that the server has them to provide the seller at the time decide to buy something.

There are several methods when making a payment in Mercado Libre, this can be through the Mercado Pago system, making the payment with a credit card, or it can be personally agreed with the seller.

You can reach an agreement with the seller to make the payment through money transfers by PayPal, or other online money platforms, you can even make money transfers directly to the seller’s account. Regarding this, Mercado Libre is very flexible It allows them to agree to the payment directly with the seller without having to use the platform.

Once the way to cancel the product or service has been agreed between the buyer and the seller, you must decide how it will be delivered, if it is an item, they can use some parcel shipping company or arrange a safe place for the delivery to take place in person.

Mercado Libre offers a buyer protection system, which returns all your money, or part of it, depending on the amount, if there is a problem with the purchase, as long as you meet the requirements of said program.

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What happens if I cancel or delete a purchase in Mercado Libre?

In the case of regret making a purchase or having to delete it For any circumstance, this is possible by completing a series of steps. The first thing if you have already paid for the purchase, is to go to the menu of the purchase you made and click on the option to “cancel purchase” and after this you must complete a form that Mercado Libre provides you to know in detail your situation.

Then whatever the reason, your money will be refunded in a stipulated period of time. If the option to “cancel purchase” is not displayed in the menu, you can still cancel it by going to the “help” section, then “I have a problem with the product” and finally “I want to cancel the purchase.”

It is a bit more complex to start the procedure cancellation of purchase choose this option but it is certainly efficient. If the package is already dispatched with your purchase, you can return it when you pick it up or decide not to pick it up from the delivery company.

If you decide to officially cancel a purchase through the Mercado Libre page, absolutely nothing will happen, your money will be returned in case you have already paid and in case the seller has already dispatched the purchase, you must return it the moment it reaches you.

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