How to Cancel or Delete Pending Purchases in iTunes? – step by step (Example)

ITunes is one of the greatest benefits obtained when buying an Apple product, since it is completely free in its full version (it can be found on its official website). Allowing you to download songs from other devices, and also buy in the store of the same name, for the latter is that today you will learn to cancel or delete pending purchases in iTunes.

And it is that, there is nothing worse than making a purchase and that something happens in the middle of the download and you run out of money and without a song. This can happen more than you think, sometimes not even because of the store’s error, but because you yourself decided that you no longer wanted that product, regardless of which of the two your situation is. Here is the solution.

Cancel or delete pending purchases in iTunes

The first thing to keep in mind before starting the process of canceling or deleting pending purchases in iTunes, is that there really is no way for you to manually delete said purchase. You will have to compulsorily contact Apple support.

To achieve this, you must first go to “Beginning”And then to your iTunes application on the computer. When you are already inside go to the option “Shop”.

This will open a drop-down menu where you can choose the option called “Log in“, Do it and enter the corresponding data of your account.

After successfully logging in, go to the option “Shop”And from there to the section that is named “See my account.”

itunes store icon

Within this selection, click on the button “Shopping history“, This action will take you to another page where you must go down to find the option called” IReport a problem ”.

Thanks to that, you can choose the song that is on the waiting or pending list just by pressing the arrow that is right next to it.

Once you have done it, a link will appear whose name will be “Report a problem”, press it (it’s to the right of the purchase, so you’ll see it right away).

Finally, in the new section where you will be sent, click on the drop-down menu “Report a incidence“And then to”Problem”.

Write the report of what has happened in the corresponding field and click on “Send”. With that, everything will be ready, you just have to wait for the technical support to contact you in 24 business hours.

Apple Refund

With the previous one, the doubt was cleared How to cancel or delete pending purchases in iTunes? so as a little extra now you will see how to request a refund.

Before starting with the explanation, you should know that to request a refund You must meet the requirements that the company asks for, which you can see on their page (so it is good to have Apple insurance, and know what it is for and what the Applecare warranty covers)

In the event that you qualify for the refund, then go to the page, when you are there you will be asked to enter with your Apple ID and password, do so.

itunes icon with watercolor background

Find the item you want to refund (it can be music from iTunes, an application, among others), and click on the button that will be next to the one called “Point“Or”Report a problem”.

Follow the instructions that they will give you so that you can point out your problem in detail and thus send the request to get your money back.

Then you just have to wait for Apple to inform you if you meet the requirements and if your money will be returned to you. Take into account that If you have a pending service payment, you will not be able to request a refund.

And voila, with that last thing you already know how to cancel or eliminate pending purchases in iTunes, and you also learned how to ask for your money back in case you have had a bigger problem. It is time for you to go to your application and solve your problems.

Remember that shopping problems are a lesser evil and it is not always Apple’s fault, so do not delete iTunes just for this, since it has many benefits such as: converting MP4 files to MP3, or letting you change information about songs and albums .

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