How to Cancel or Edit an Order in Rappi? – Rappi Cancellation of Orders (Example)

Are you a novice user of Rappi and you don’t know how to use all its functions to the fullest? Well, don’t worry, because with today’s tutorial Several doubts regarding this App will be clarified and its inner workings. Since today it will be answered How to cancel or edit an order in Rappi?

And, there is nothing worse than paying money for something that came bad, or failing that, paying for something you didn’t want and accidentally ordered. This can make you waste money, which is a luxury that nowadays not everyone can afford, so for this reason and so that it does not happen to you, today you will learn how to make a cancellation.

How to cancel or edit an order in Rappi?

The first thing you have to learn today about how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, is that there is no way to edit something once it is ordered. Since this it is against company policies, so in case you have missed something you will have to place another order (if you ordered a product by accident there is nothing to do).

Now, with that said, you can cancel an order. To achieve this you have to go to the application (which you should have downloaded from the PlayStore or Apple store obviously), and once you are inside move to the section of the order to cancel.

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After you are in it, go to the bottom of the screen and click on the button that is named “Cancel order“, With that you will jump a message if you want to confirm the order, click” Confirm “.

After this you will get another message where you will be told in how many days your money will be refunded, and you will be taken to a chat where you will have to place the reasons for your decision to cancel the order, do it and click “Confirm” again to finish.

Remember that you have to have a valid reason to delete your order, since things like “because I didn’t like the taste”, The reimbursement is somewhat delicate, since it is about money and involves several companies.

Money back time and reasons to cancel an order

Since you already know how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, then it is time for you to learn what are the reasons that you can claim to receive your money back, and how long will it take to get to the bank.

The reasons are the following: the product arrived in poor condition or incomplete, they brought something different than what was ordered, your order never arrived at your house, an incident occurred with the Rappi (delivery man).

If you qualify or enter any of the areas described above, then you will be able to effectively cancel the order and get your money back. This process should take at least 15 business days (it can be more or less).

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Everything will depend on what your bank is, and how quickly Rappi can solve the problem. Usually it does not take 15 days, as the technical support team is one of the best trained in the world to solve problems.

Take into account that depending on how you paid your order, the amount can be returned in Credits, so it is recommended to know what RappiCredits are and how they work.

And with that there is nothing more to say, because you have already fulfilled the goal of this tutorial of learning how to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, so the next step to take is to go to your mobile and ask for what you want (By now you should know how to use Rappi, so that will not be explained).

Remember to use this App responsibly, you are not canceling all orders just on a whim, since there are people who depend on them more than you (such as delivery men), and also always try to tip, because working at Rappi is not easy and dealers deserve that bonus.

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