How to cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal? – Without apron Cancellation of Orders (Example)

Today everything is ordered online, from clothes and shoes to food. This is due to the it was globalized that is being crossed. Since now there is nothing that cannot be obtained with a few simple clicks and a phone call. With that in mind, today you will learn how to cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal.

And, there is nothing better than lying in bed relaxed waiting for food to be brought to you. Of course, you can not do this all the time (for health reasons), but from time to time you have to give yourself the pleasure of letting someone else do the work for you (everyone deserves a break).

How to cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal?

One of the best options that exists today when it comes to order food delivery It is called SinDelantal, on its website or official app you will find everything. This company is in charge of being the mediator between the food restaurant and the customer.

Basically they work like UberEats, or any other company, implementing a delivery system, in which a SinDelantal employee is in charge of taking your order to the house at a certain time (which is indicated by the page or application).

This App has an incredible variety of benefits. Among which are the speed of delivery, and the personalized customer service. The latter is very good, since thanks to the personalized attention you can even cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal.

delivery man with mask and address

To achieve that, The first thing you will have to do is clearly request an order (download the App from PlayStore). Then you will have 10 minutes from the moment your order was confirmed to cancel it, after this amount of time passes you will no longer have a chance, because most likely your order is already on the way to being prepared.

In addition to this, in order to cancel your order you will have to have the following information: the email account linked to the application, the number of your order and the name of the restaurant.

If you have all this, then the next thing you should do is open a chat with the company, in it you can explain the reason for the cancellation of the order and the refund. For this just go to the “Profile” button and then click on “Cancel order”, This action will let you explain why you want to cancel the order.

What happens to the money when canceling or refunding a product?

If you have done all of the above correctly then you have probably already managed to cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal (in case you wanted to edit, you must have already noticed that once the order is confirmed you cannot edit an order), so that now you will learn what happens to your money.

Well basically the money will be returned to you between 3 to 5 business days, and you will not have to do anything, since it is the company that is responsible for reimbursing the money in the bank quickly and safely.

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Remember that the times or days in which your refund can fall may take longer (it depends on the bank you use), and the waiting time can be extended up to 20 business days, however the money will always fall. With that said, you no longer have anything to learn for today, since you finally learned everything you need to say that the initial question How to cancel or edit an order in SinDelantal? it is not a problem for you.

The only thing you have to do is go to your mobile and start ordering from there (if you don’t know how to do it, look for how to order food at home at SinDelantal). There is nothing easier than staying home and waiting to be served, so take advantage of your free time to enjoy with your family eating something they love (Don’t forget to tip the delivery man well).

And in the event that you want to become more than a client (to earn extra money), you can always choose to sell at SinDelantal or, failing that, become a delivery person for them (you can also try in other restaurants, just look for how to work at Rappi or Uber Eat).

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