How to Cancel or Unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video Channels Forever (Example)

You want to cancel the Amazon Prime Channels subscription because you do not use it, you do not like the content of those channels or the monthly payment is very expensive, whatever your case, in this tutorial we will explain you step by step how to unsubscribe or unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video Channels forever.

Advantages offered by Prime Video Channels:

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming platform that offers varied content to its users, however it expanded its catalog with the Amazon Prime Video Channels service, which allows individual subscriptions to a variety of channels on other platforms such as Starzplay (what is it and what catalog offers?), Noggin, OUTtv, TVcortos, Quello Concerts, MBM, Mubi, MGM, HBO (what is it and how does it work), Paramount, BFI Player, Mezzo.

This new option that Amazon has added has many advantages:

  • Greater variety of content for all ages.
  • Access to content from streaming platforms that are not as popular, but have good content.
  • Premieres of series and films frequently.
  • The customer decides which channels to subscribe to, therefore they will not spend money on channels they will not use.
  • Each channel has a very cheap monthly payment.
  • You can use Prime Video Channels from any device.
  • Each channel has a trial period for the user to enjoy what it offers.
  • You can cancel the channel at any time at no additional cost.

If the advantages mentioned above did not convince you to keep your Prime Video Channels subscription, in the next section we will tell you step by step how to cancel the subscription forever.

Steps to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video Channels forever:

  1. Open your favorite web browser and go to Amazon Prime.
  2. Once inside Amazon Prime, go to the upper right corner and click on the icon with the figure of a person, when a menu is displayed, select “Account and settings”.
  3. It will immediately redirect you to the page where you should log in To access your account, you must enter your email and password and click on the yellow “Continue” button.young man watching amazon prime video content
  4. When you are in your Prime Video account, you will immediately see the “Account and settings” section, where you must select the option “Bill”.
  5. In this new section you will see the list of channels you subscribed to with Prime Video Channels (Starzplay, Noggin, OUTtv, Tvcortos, HBO, among others).
  6. On the right side of each channel you will see the option in blue “Cancel channel”, click there to unsubscribe.
  7. Finally, the system will send you a message to confirm the cancellation of the channel, if you are sure to cancel the channel, click on the button “Confirm”. If you have several channels subscribed to Amazon Primeo Video Channels and you want to cancel their subscriptions, you must delete them one by one; if you want you can also cancel your Amazon Prime account.
  1. Open the Prime Video app.
  2. Click on the menu “Settings” that has the icon of a gear.
  3. When a menu is displayed, select “Manage Prime Video Channels”.
  4. Now you must log in with the usual data.
  5. Once logged into your account you will see the subscriptions of the channels that you have affiliated with Prime Video Channels, click on the option “Cancel channel” below the channel name.
  6. On the screen you will see a pop-up window with a message where you must confirm the cancellation of the channel, click on the “Cancel” button.
  7. Ready! With these simple steps you cancel the subscription of the Prime Video Channels channels from your smartphone.

person using amazon prime app to cancel channel

Unsubscribing from Prime Video Channels Either from the PC or from the mobile, it will be made immediately if you accept the self-service refund offered by Amazon; But the most frequent thing that Amazon does with respect to cancellations is to set a date to carry out the completion of the service, this date will appear in the message where you confirm the cancellation of the channel.

After the cancellation date you will no longer have access to the channel, but if you change your mind you can resume the subscription in that period of time. If you cancel your Amazon Prime account, try another streaming service such as Netflix or HBO, which have good programming.

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