How to Censor and Pixelate Parts of a Photo with Photoshop CC Easily

Today we are going to see how to censor and pixelate parts of a photo with Photoshop CC in a fairly simple way and above all in very few steps.

On many occasions we have photographs where people appear that we do not want to be seen or that we do not want anyone to know that they were in it. The reasons can be varied, but pixelate a photograph or part of it is not complicated at all.

What you should keep in mind is that, once you save the file in JPG, you cannot remove the pixelation from the area in question. That is why it is important that you are very sure of carrying out this process. In any case, you could create a backup of said photo and voila.

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Therefore, we are going to see step by step everything you need to know to quickly learn how to censor and pixelate parts of a photo with Photoshop CC in an extremely simple and fast way.

East tutorial is suitable for those who are just taking their first steps in Photoshop, since it is not complicated at all and we will use basic tools of the program to fulfill our objective.

How to censor parts of a photo in Photoshop CC

  • The first thing we will do is open Photoshop and then we will File > Open.
  • A window opens where we will have to search among the folders we have on our computer for the image we want to edit.
  • Something you should keep in mind is that, depending on how the photograph is taken, sometimes by cutting the margins we can achieve what we want.
  • If that is the case then you will simply have to select the Snipping Tool from the left sidebar.
  • After this you can drag the edges of the photo to crop it. On some occasions when the people we do not want to appear in said photo are on the side. It is much easier to do.
  • After cropping the photo, all we have to do is simply click on the icon in the shape of a check mark that appears above. If it doesn’t look like you imagined, simply click on the round icon with a line crossing in the middle.
  • If we need to pixelate a face, then let’s go to the left sidebar and we select the second tool that appears “Elliptical Frame”. In case you do not see it with the naked eye, you must right click on the second tool that appears in the sidebar.

How to pixelate parts of a photo in Photoshop CC

  • After this you will have to click and hold it to one side of the area you want to pixelate. The idea is that you leave the entire area you want to be blurred or pixelated selected. In case it is not well located, you will simply have to click inside the selection and you will be able to move it to where you want.
  • Now let’s go to the menu “Filter”And we will see that a huge number of options unfold. The one we must choose is “Mosaic“And after this we are going to choose”Pixelate”.

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  • A new window opens where we can see the selection we made previously and below a bar where we can adjust the pixel density that we want to apply.
  • From this window we can see a previous image of how the photograph in question will be, once you have it as you like, what you will have to do is press on “okay” and ready.

In this way you can pixelate any area of ​​the photo with the density you want. It is a process that is too fast and easy to carry out, like that of making many photomontages.

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