How to Center the Text Between the Top and Bottom Margin in Word

There is a considerable amount of tools that allow, among other things, to customize or create new text styles in Word according to our needs. For this reason, it is worth knowing the page layout if we want to obtain a well-structured document. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to center the text between the top and bottom margins in Word

The “vertical alignment” tool

Vertical alignment is an option that allows users to adjust the text according to the top and bottom margins. This function is very useful when setting up a cover or when presenting thanks and dedications.

In this sense, we can center a text vertically so that it is located in the center of the page or adjust the text through a lower vertical alignment.

Relevant aspects of vertical alignment

With vertical alignment, you can adjust the text using four options: centered, top, bottom, and justified. Each option is applicable to different sections either throughout the document or “hereinafter”.

It is important to note that vertical alignment is part of page setup items, so you can access it through the “Page Design” tab.

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How to center text between the top and bottom margins in Word

To be able to center the text between the upper and lower margins in Word you need apply a vertical alignment. In this regard, follow the steps that we explain below.

Access page settings

Once you have the finished document in Word and want to configure it, go to the “Page Layout” tab. There, you will find several sections of which you must choose “Page setup”. Access its functions by clicking on the small downward-pointing arrow. You will find this icon at the bottom right of the section.

Set up the page

Immediately, a new window will open so you can apply certain changes related to margins, paper and layout. Select the “Design” tab at the top of the interface and go to the “Page” section. This procedure is extremely important because it will later be used to set the custom paper size for the printer.

Center the text between the top and bottom margins in Word with vertical alignment

On “Vertical alignment” press the down arrow to display the four alignment options available for the text. Select “Centered” and press the “OK” button. This way you can center the text making use of vertical alignment.

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Tips when centering the text between the top and bottom margins in Word

It is important to note that if the document consists of several pages, all the text will be adjusted to the vertical alignment to apply the option of centering with respect to the top and bottom margin.

However, if you need to center only the text of a particular page, you must apply page breaks to isolate it by means of a new section that does not link with the rest.

Create a section via page break

For centered vertical alignment to take effect on one page only, you must create a new section. To achieve this, place the cursor on the page where you want to center the text and select “Page layout”. Click on “Jumps” and choose “Next Page.”

Double click on the footer and press the “Same as above” button. Then, in the “Exploration” section select “link to previous”. Repeat this process in the header if there are previous pages. The use of sections will also help you for other actions such as combining horizontal and vertical sheets in the same Word.

Adjust text with vertical alignment on a single page

Go back to the “Page Setup” window and locate the “Vertical alignment” section. Choose the option “Centered” and in “Preview” choose “Apply to” “From here on”. A) Yes, the text wrapping will be applied only in the new section that you just created by means of the “jump”.

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