How to Change an Object’s Layer in Sketchup Quickly and Easily? (Example)

If you are a newbie designer, you probably still have several features to discover in Sketchup. And that is why you should learn more about the program by answering the question How to layer an object in Sketchup?

And, if you learn to use the layering tools, then you will be able to better organize and carry out all the drawings and work that you are going to do. Because thanks to these, you can experiment with designs in just a few layers without having to affect the fundamental structure of your work.

What is Sketchup?

Before you can get started with the explanation, you have to first get a bit of context on what Sketchup itself is. This is a 3D modeling and design program, which is among the best in the world. Its main objective is to help designers of urban works such as architects, civil engineers, among others.

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The most outstanding feature of it is the fact that it allows you to create 3D models and even make 3D text in record time, since its tools are intuitive and very easy to use, as it has a lot and every time they update it to add more to it.

cartoon computer and rules

Said program, too comes with a free guide when you buy it, which will teach you to make all kinds of designs, not only urban planning, but also cars, airplanes, among others.

As if that were not enough, it has an extensive gallery of objects, textures and images, which you can use whenever you want. It is so popular that it is considered Google’s Autocad.

How to layer an object in Sketchup?

This process is quite long, so it will be divided into some steps (keep in mind that figures will be used as an example).

First step

What you have to do to start is to go to the toolbar and press the option called «Rectangle». When it is selected, click on the drawing window so that you can anchor one of the corners.

Then use the mouse to create the shape as big as you want, this action will make the shape look like layer number 0, so the next step will be to move the rectangle to another layer.

Second step

When you have ready what you want to happen, go to the menu and select «Window», then and within it press «Layers», there you will be shown a list with all the layers that are in the work you are doing.

design computer

Click on the + symbol to add a new layer, and then name it. You can also decide to leave it with its default name which is layer 1, that’s up to you.

Third step

When finished with the above, go back to your rectangle and triple click on it to select it, then use the key combination Ctrl + X (cut), then hit the option button next to layer 1 to activate it.

Fourth step

To end, touch anywhere on your canvas and press Ctrl + V, this action should copy your element in this other layer, so you will have already moved the object successfully. You can check that everything went well, returning you to layer 0 and making the objects of layer 1 invisible, if the rectangle disappears, it is because everything is correct.

Now you can say that you solved the question How to change the layer of an object in Sketchup? So go to your program and start going through the steps to get your job done. Remember that once the layer of any object has been changed, Sketchup allows you, if you wish, to insert a background in a very simple way and also to join or combine two objects.

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