How to Change and Invert Text Color in Word Easily

Once you have created and have a document ready, where you have used the Word file editor, you can totally change the way the text looks. Among the different modifications are the change of type of style, change of color, invert the color among others. And in this sense we want to explain to you what you must do to Change and invert text color in Word easily.

change colors word

The program Word It does not have by default a function that allows to invert the color of the text, but we can do it perfectly manually. Where you can change the background color to black and have the text white. In this way you can invert the colors without any problem, but if the final result does not please you, you can reverse the process again.

This is a very interesting option, since inverting the colors in this way would give our document an unconventional view. But this trick may be liked by many and others not, but we also bring it to you, so you can learn how to do it. Although it is important that you know the different ways in which the color of the text in a document can be changed, through the color palette.

How to change and invert text color in Word easily

And we will start this simple tutorial by opening the application of Word or looking for a file that we have saved on the computer. Once we have the application open with the selected file, you will go to the top menu and select the Page Design tab. Now you go to the Page Background section and click on the option Page color.

A color palette will be displayed immediately, where it shows you all the colors that you can choose to change the background of your document. Among other options to apply effects, remove background from images or search more colors, in the case of those shown in the color palette, they may not be to your liking. But in our case you are going to choose the black color.

You will see immediately that without having clicked and just by placing the mouse cursor, the background changes color, click to make it permanent. But you will notice something very curious the text has also changed color and has become white. In this way, the text color without us doing it.

Step to follow to change and invert the text color in Word easily

In the event that this has not happened and the text seems to disappear and everything looks black, don’t worry, the text is there. The next step is to move the cursor to any area of ​​the document that is now all black and you must click. Then you press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A keys at the same time and this action will highlight all the text in the document.

The next step is to go to the Home tab in the top menu and in the fonts section you will select the icon that allows you to change the color of the text. By doing this will appear again a color palette, where you can choose from a large number of them. You will also have the option of looking for more colors in the event that you do not like them.

color text word

But in our case we are going to select the bank color and surprisingly the text will appear again in the document. But now inverted, this means that the background is black and the letters highlighted in white. What offers our document a very interesting and eye-catching look.

Remember that if you do not like the end result, then you can reverse the process using the steps that we explained here. . Thus ends this article where you have been able to learn manually how to change and invert text color in Word easily.

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