How to Change and Organize Outlook Folder List Easily

Outlook allows the organization of the folder list to facilitate access to messages, as well as automatic inbox synchronization to keep the service up-to-date. Therefore, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to Change and Organize Outlook Folder List Easily

Organizing your Outlook mail

Outlook mail organization enables users to find messages quickly to avoid missing emails that are most important. A proper mail organization generates a more efficient service and facilitates the use of Outlook in its full capacity.

In this sense, Outlook It has a set of folders that appear in the navigation panel that is located to the left of the inbox.

There are two types of folders: the standard folders which include “Drafts”, “Sent”, “Trash” and “Junk”. While personal folders are optional tools created by users to prioritize certain messages.

Outlook sync

Outlook synchronization is a process that integrates the messaging service to update OST (offline) and PST files. When Outlook sends and receives a message or when updating a folder, the server is also updated. Microsoft Exchange.

Therefore, Outlook takes care of the synchronization automatically. Therefore, users can configure this platform to notify if new emails arrive.


How to Change and Organize Outlook Folder List Easily

You can easily change and organize your Outlook folder list. To achieve this, it is necessary access your Outlook account and manage the navigation panel available in the user interface of this service. To do this, follow the steps that we explain below.

Access your Outlook account

The first step is to access your Outlook account, either from the Outlook website or from the Microsoft Outlook application that you must have installed on your Windows 10 system.

Enter your email address and password so that you can view the inbox with the tools and other options of the messaging service. Make sure to make a backup of your Outlook mail to avoid the definitive loss of your messages.

Modify the Outlook folder list

Outlook has a folder list which is organized by default in the panel to the left of the inbox. These folders include Sent Items, Drafts, and the Recycle Bin.

You can modify the list of Outlook folders by creating new folders, modifying the name of existing folders or changing the order of them.

Create a new folder

To create a new folder, choose the “Folder” tab from the tools. There, click on “New Folder.” You will see a window to facilitate creation of the new folder. Give the folder a name, click where you want to place the item on the panel and press the “Ok” button.

outlook mail

Rename the folder

If you prefer to change the name of a folder, you can click on the folder you want to modify and choose the option “Rename folder”. Assign a new name in the box that appears active and press the “Enter” key.

Change the order of the folder list

You can also change the order of the folder list of Outlook. To do this, go to the folder panel, hover over the folder you want to move, and drag it to a new location in the folder list.

Synchronize the Outlook folder list

For sync Outlook folder list, select the “Tools” tab and click on “Options.” A dialog box will open in which you must click on “Mail Setup”. Locate the section “Send / receive” and check the option “Send immediately when connected.”

Then, click on the “Send / Receive” tab and choose the option “Make an automatic send / receive when it exists”. Press the “Close” button in order to close the current window and then click “Ok”. You can also take advantage of other services such as the calendar with Gmail and Calendar. In this way, you will expand the usefulness of the email platform offered by Microsoft.

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