How to Change and Verify my Email in my Tinder Account From the Cellphone

In the virtual world there are social networks that allow people to information exchange be it professional or personal, these platforms created a new way of relating. By completing your profile you connect with people, interact and also read about you.

It is already part of the routine worldwide to have use of social networks, that is, they have become part of people’s daily lives and join with people because they have common interests. In this way they also became a tool for companies because they manage to interact with their customers in one way or another.

Although it is thought that all social networks are the same, the truth is that it is not like that, it all depends on what the user wants, it can be social network of relationships, entertainment, professional. Some have a very wide audience that makes them the most used and popular social networks in the world.

What is Tinder about?

It is a phone dating app created to achieve the socialization of people, you must first register by filling out your profile by entering the data you want including a photo. In it you can chat with whoever you select or with whoever you have something in common.

Later, Tinder looks for people who are already registered and who are close to you. Today the Most important dating app in the digital industry and has 50 million users. It starts anonymously then if interest is shown by both parties, the information is displayed and the conversation can begin.

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Tinder has various search filters. As well as, it has the option to appear and show me hidden or deactivated to stop being visible on Tinder.

Similarly, you can change your search range and get results from people who are closer to you. You can even re-view someone’s profile you declined on Tinder. All this is done with the objective that you can use the application at your convenience to be able to successfully flirt and make a match.

This application available in 24 languages And it can be used on Android devices like IOS. In its settings you can put the range of age and gender that you prefer, be it male or female to achieve with your GPS to get close people, that is one of the advantages of this application.

Change and verify my email in my Tinder account from my cell phone

On tinder they are mandatory requirements verify phone number and email and thus be able to use the application normally, not all users who belong to Tinder have a verified account but they have confirmed the number and email they have on this platform.

This task is simple, of course you must enter your Tinder profile then go to the settings of the same application and go down to the settings section and you enter right where it says email address, there you can change or leave email yourself and then Tinder will proceed to send you an email and in a matter of minutes you will have your email verified that you have associated with your account.

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In addition, these steps contribute to the credibility of your social network, guarantee authenticity and prevent your identity from being impersonated. Currently, social networks are used by people of all ages but in the same way, privacy errors in social networks should be avoided.

Reasons to verify your account on Tinder

By having a verified Tinder account: prestige, closeness, credibility, other users will feel sure to talk to you and thus really know who you say you are. A verified account achieves much more success in this application, avoiding duplication and fraud. This is essential for a dating app, nobody wants to spend a lot of time talking to a fake person.

Social networks thus combat false news with their respective account verification, for example if there are two users who have the same profile but one account is verified and the other is not, always the one that is verified will have more credibility.

This is a really simple process to what it makes it seem, it really deserves the effort because you extend the guarantee of your followers, you get better seen before users.

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