How to Change Auto Sleep and Lock Time on iPad (Example)

Many times we need to save as much energy as possible on our wireless devices to be able to enjoy more time with them. In the case of the Apple iPad, it is necessary to make certain adjustments that allow us to save battery. And one of them would be changing the current configuration that would allow with simple steps change auto lock and sleep time on iPad.

Most users never think they can make adjustments to options that are displayed by default. And perhaps they are not interested in changing them because they believe that it is not possible or because they simply do not know how to make this change. That is why the purpose of this article, to show you how easy it is and give you the instructions to do it in a matter of seconds.

Apple is a company that has spent years creating electronic devices, applications and services that have simplified and improved our quality of life.

That is why maintaining their useful life and the battery of these devices is a common purpose for users, you can start by activating the saving or low consumption mode on iPad to guarantee more hours of use.

How to change auto sleep and lock time on iPad

As we know, by keeping the screen active on our iPad, the battery power consumption is higher, although despite this, its average autonomy is usually 10 hours.

Imagine then how much extra energy you can get if you apply this simple method that will allow you change auto lock and sleep time on iPad.

blocking time

Of course, there are other ways to do this and this tutorial does not focus on saving energy but on how to make this change. Since most users are completely unaware of how to configure this parameter on their iPad.

For this reason, this tutorial that will help you solve this problem becomes more important. And maybe you are interested in another feature related to disabling the lock screen control center.

Steps to change auto sleep and lock time on iPad

To start we must go directly to the Settings menu and in this window we will be located on the side of the screen and we will select the General section. Here you will have simple information on some parameters such as battery status, information about the Tablet and you will also have access to configure other settings.

The next step is to scroll down this menu and we will stop until we get the Automatic Lock option. This is the option we are interested in configuring, this function is configured by default so that it blocks after 2 minutes have elapsed.

But when searching well in this function, we can see that the blocking time can be varied between 2 minutes and 15 minutes. But you can also choose the option Never, with which iPad will never crash. Before you activate the lock time, it is important that you know that if you are using an Apple case that has a sensor for the lock.

It will not matter at all how long you can select in this configuration, since once you close the cover of the case the iPad will lock instantly. As you can see, it is very easy to have access to this function of the iPad with which You can adjust or change the auto sleep and lock time on iPad.

Ipad sleep

And so in this way we come to the end of this interesting article, which was in charge of showing you a very useful function and at the same time very little known.

Since even if you don’t believe it keeping the iPad screen on for a long time can lead to deterioration of the same. If you have any problems you can always reset your iPad to its original values ​​without problem.

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