How to Change Default OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 10

Every day that passes we collect information in different ways, one way to do it is when we dedicate ourselves to research where it deserves that the information found is stored or saved in places where we can easily access.

A very common place where you can store such information is on electronic equipment that is designed for that purpose.

Among them you will find the most common equipment such as PC, tablets, smart phones, memory, among other devices that allow you to store information.

You will observe that these computers and devices have a particular data storage capacity on a PC where you can save most of the information collected is on the hard drive and to keep the information safe you can make a copy of your files.

The hard disk of a PC is in charge of storing all the information or data that you enter so that at some opportune moment you can reuse it.

Once you are collecting information and saving it on your hard drive, it will occupy all its limit or storage capacity, then you can use the cloud on the internet.

The cloud is nothing more than an online extension that allows you to store information, access programs and data through the Internet connection instead of using your computer’s hard drive.

Through the cloud you can have your information at the time you want that is to say that it is accessible. Accounts with greater data protection and it is more secure, with more information storage capacity, with a limited cost.

Among the most common that you can use are MEGA, pCloud, Mediafire, Dropbox, Flipdrive, Box, Google Drive, One Drive.

What is One Drive?

one drive logo blue background

OneDrive is a medium that allows you to save documents, files, personal information, among other things, this can be achieved in a single space. In case you have had it for a while, you could consider updating to the latest OneDrive version in Windows

You can also share the data with other people, you can also access them through any computer or electronic device. As well as helping another person and making document edits in Excel, Power Point, Word and OneNote.

OneDrive makes it possible for the files that are available on your computer and the cloud to be simultaneously, either on your mobile device or on the web, but to have it you must first log in to Microsoft OneDrive in Spanish

For example, if you are making changes to your work, document, or report in the OneDrive folder, it will also be done on the web or if you do it on the web, the changes will also be made in your file in its folder.

In the case that you are working from your file explorer you can access them without having to be connected to the internet. OneDrive is safe, because your files cannot be accessed by another user, that is, your documents are kept private where only you can access them. This tool has security policies in order to protect your files.

But if you want to be more sure to create a security code, add additional information in Microsoft on the official page, check and then make a copy to keep for safety.

How to change the default location of OneDrive folder in Windows 10?

one drive and microsoft logos blue background

If you want to change the default location of the OneDrive folder in Windows 10 Then I will show you how to do it quickly and easily.

Step 1

In the menu or task bar choose the figure of the “cloud” o Hidden icons in Microsoft OneDrive and you will be able to observe the various applications that work.

Step 2

Upon entering, view the OneDrive cloud or clouds, double-click where “Settings” appears, select it to make the changes you want.

Step 3

The moment you open settings it immediately gives you the option of the tab “Bill “there press click “Unlink this team”, so One Drive will do its deconfiguration on your computer.

Step 4

In a matter of minutes your account will be unlinked, now reconfigure OneDrive by entering your email in Microsoft and now you can move OneDrive to the location you like the most.

Step 5

Then go back to OneDrive, choose “Introduction and conclusion” read the steps and follow them, choose “change” and then “OK”, where you now want the folder to be.

Step 6

Then you will see a message that shows you the new location of OneDrive, choose the location of the folder and now configure.

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