How to Change Font Size in Android Chrome Browser? (Examples) | See How It’s Done

Google Chrome belongs to the ‘family’ of services provided by the corporation ‘Google’, which currently has more than 30 computer platforms. Each one in charge of a different activity but at the same time complementary to the others.

The main characteristic of this navigation service is the use of a fast, dynamic and free interface. That allows the user to obtain information from any area and also access the platforms or web portals that are available on the Internet.

Google Chrome had been a project developed by the Google corporation and its launch was carried out in September 2008. Since then it has become the most successful navigation engine in the world. With more than four million daily visits, which amounts to more than 67% of the population with internet access worldwide.

The Chrome browser service works in conjunction with other computer products from the Google company and other partner corporations to provide users with the maximum enjoyment of their platform.

Google Chrome logo

Such is the case of the so-called Gmail email, which allows the user to create an account that can be associated with the mobile device; and in turn it can be established as a means of access or verification in any social network that requires an email account, a simple example is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

With the growth in demand for computing services and virtual media, Google Chrome has taken on the task of incorporating new features into the search engine system, as well as quite useful options. But the best thing is that we can customize and configure some options with great ease. Such as customizing the Google search bar widget.

In the same way, this browser is available for both desktop computers, and you can also change the font, size and font, as well as for laptops and even smartphones. So you can update this browser to the latest version.

Change the font size of Chrome for Android

Today there is a wide variety of mobile devices with various features in the design and navigation software. So it is very common to find some mobile devices with a somewhat ‘narrow’ or small screen. In which the texts cannot be properly observed.

Chrome font size for android

Due to this, Google Chrome has implemented the function to increase or decrease the size of the font or letter, as well as the size of the screen, so that the user can adjust the words according to their requirements.

If you want to change the size of the letter or font on your Android mobile device, you can do it as follows:

  • Go to the main page of the Google Chrome browser, that is, the section where the box is located to write what you want to search for.
  • Enter the tools menu of the search engine, located just in the upper left corner of the screen and symbolized by three vertical gray dots.
  • You will find a list of options, from which you must select ‘setting’. Located in the last places.
  • From the configuration tool you are going to click on the section ‘Advanced ‘. And at this point you must select in ‘designs’.
  • Within these options you must click on ‘customize font ‘. It is there where you can increase or decrease the size of the text used in the search engine.
  • You can also choose a specific type of font. If you only want to change the size you must select in ‘standard font ‘.

Another method to change the font size of the Android device

If you have made changes to the font size of your browser and have not yet been successful in displaying the texts on your Android screen, you can use the device’s own settings as an alternative. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Swipe on the applications menu of your mobile device, and click on the application settings. Represented in the shape of a gear or wrench.
  • Select from the list of available settings the section ‘accessibility’ and then click on ‘font size’.
  • In this option you can increase or decrease the size of the font or letter on the device.
  • You should be aware that this tool may or may not generate changes to the browser’s display.

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