How to Change Interface Color or Appearance in 3D Studio Max – Very Easy

Many like art, design and animations, if that’s your case we want to recommend you 3D Studio Max by AutoDesk. This is one of the best 3D design tools available today, we invite you to know it.

3D Studio Max was created by AutoDesk, also known for developing very useful programs such as Maya and AutoCAD, with 3D Studio Max they have made available a tool with which easily develop many 3D projects.

This has been well received by professionals in the creation of 3D animated video games, movies and TV commercials. You can also download this 3D Studio Max program to start using it.

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It is useful for those who need to create animated characters, and it is proven that anyone who can learn to use this program. You just have to familiarize yourself with its interface and other accessories and with time and some help you will learn to design.

Some features and utilities of 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max software It was designed mainly to be used in the visualization of games and 3D designs, but thanks to the useful and simple tools it has, it has become one of the most used tools.

studio max performs many functions with animation images and others

There are already many design professionals who have ranked 3D Studio Max as one of the best programs.

Among the features it has we can mention that it allows to simulate liquid elements such as water, oil and lava, it also has animation controllers that allow the user to create layouts, modify them and then share them if you want.

It is also used in the area of ​​architecture, it allows to create in great detail the objects necessary for construction.

For animation the creators of 3D Studio Max focused on the properties of keyframe bones. In order to be able to apply complex and organic movements to animations, to facilitate the work of create animated characters.

Thanks to the built-in Arnold renderer, complex scenes and characters can be rendered quickly and with high quality.

The tools of automation with 3D Studio Max accounts, allows the user to maximize the workflow, there are many other characteristics that make this design software the most used in the realization of large projects

Basically with the help of 3D Studio Max you can design, render and animate any type of 3D work.

If you have already started using 3D Studio Max to work or to learn how to insert or add 3D images. Surely you would like to know if it is possible change the interface color of your 3D Studio Max, now we will show you how to achieve it, so that it is more pleasant to use this tool.

How to change the interface color?

We all like to work in a pleasant place with tools that make it easier for us to carry out our work effectively. And although without a doubt as we already mentioned 3D Studio Max allows us great advantages to work on our projects.

The default presentation of its interface is not very pleasant and can make things complicated at times, for this reason many choose to modify its color or appearance, let’s see how to do it in a simple way.

studio max is versatile you can change the colors of the objects according to your need

3D Studio Max uses a dark gray color for toolbars and viewer commands. This tends to be a bit confusing when doing a job and is not very pleasant.

To modify this go to where it says ‘Customize’ click there, you will see several options appear select Custom UI and Defaults Switcher.

Now we will find a dialog box where we can visualize different types of options, choose the one you want and apply it, thus the work interface of your 3D Studio Max has been personalized to your liking simply and quickly.

All this has made it a valuable work tool for professionals in the design of large or small projects. Also for those who want to learn to create animations online or simply create 3D designs, this software will be useful.

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