How to Change, Modify or Delete my Location in WeChat

Currently social networks are a resource essential in society especially in young people, every day more users make the decision to be part of social networks, which is why it has also caused the development of a large number of applications whose purpose is to give people the ability to communicate with others, or to transmit any message, idea or thought to users from the same country or from different countries. Among the most used today we can find Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat.

However, there are other applications that allow the user to communicate with the person they want in a simpler and more direct way, these applications are known as Messaging apps Among which we can find WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and WeChat, the latter of which in its beginnings managed to capture the attention of a large number of people due to its simple and striking operating system and its varied options that WhatsApp would later surpass.

Despite this, WeChat has not been completely forgotten since there is still a notable number of people who use this platform as the default messaging App on their Smartphone.

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What is WeChat?

In case you have not known it, WeChat is an application of Messenger service multipurpose since it is capable of offering a diverse amount of services such as call services, free messaging, an online payment system and social networks, all this only in one App.

The application was developed by the technology company Tencent in China, launched to the public in 2011 which by 2018 was a great success in China and was one of the most popular applications with more than one billion active users per month in the application.

The WeChat messaging app can also be adapt in our Smartwatch allowing its users to download it in the same to be able to access notifications through the Smartwatch device or even write from it.

Like all WeChat messaging applications, it presents certain settings and options that its users do not know how to use or how to access them, such is the case of the location that appears in the information of our WeChat contact that the user wants for any reason. change. In that case, don’t worry anymore, keep reading to find out. how to change or delete your location on WeChat.

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Steps to change, modify or delete my location on WeChat

The location in WeChat allows the application to modify the search system for people so that you can find the closest ones, and also allows the same people to know if your location is close to them so that they can contact you, in these options it is common for users to tend to register a wrong location either due to a mistake or a recent move.

Unfortunately, these users are unaware how to modify location data that they registered, so they tend to have more problems when it comes to wanting to contact people who are close. If you want to know how to change, modify or delete my location in WeChat, follow the steps that we will show you below:

First of all you have to take into account that for this you have to have downloaded a version prior to the 6.0 from WeChat Due to the fact that in that version onwards they implemented new functions and options that do not allow the modification of the location, so we recommend that you do not update your application or if you already have that version download an APK of a previous version.

  • Login to your account Wechat in the app
  • After that open the application Google maps and activate GPS services
  • Find your current location and go to the WeChat app again
  • When you open the application again you will notice that the location is the one you previously set in the Google Maps GPS
  • AND Ready! you can now meet new people who are in the same location, keep in mind that you should not update the application in case you want to change your location again.

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