How to Change My Facebook Theme Color on PC – Very Easy

The Facebook Social Network is a platform developed more than fourteen years ago. Since its inception it has been the center of controversy due to the contradictions between its creators and its developer; although Mark Zuckerberg is currently recognized as the main creator, owner and shareholder.

The rise of Facebook is such that it is currently considered one of the most used social networks in the world. This is because the platform allows you to share photos, videos, images, gifs, links in comments and endless files; In addition, users can maintain communication and share groups of common interest.

Facebook allows the user to interact with their family nucleus and close friends and also to meet new people around the world. Thus expanding their social environment.

How to change the theme color of my Facebook on PC?

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Facebook was launched internationally in mid-2004, and has since become popular with users.

The social network has undergone a series of modifications in order to provide a better service, including the incorporation of new functions. For example, the ability to add stories (images or videos for 24 hours), add music to your stories, emojis, animated figures or tag friends in publications.

Nevertheless the physical appearance of the platform has not been modified per se. The Facebook logo has always been blue and gray, as have the search bar, text boxes, settings, newsfeed, friend requests, groups, and more.

Due to this, the idea of ​​integrating new colors to the platform In order to make it much more interactive, for this there are some applications or web pages that are responsible for offering this possibility.

Steps to change Facebook theme color on PC

It is necessary to clarify that so far the social network you have not implemented this function in the platform, so it is necessary to make use of other programs or extensions. The steps that we must carry out are the following:

  • Install the Color Changer For Facebook extension: For this, it is necessary that you enter the Chrome web Store, since this extension is typical of the Google browser.

chrome web store extensions gray background google

  • Once you enter and find the extension, the next thing is to proceed to install, by clicking on the blue button «Add to Chrome»The download process starts immediately.
  • Once the download is finished, the program will install automatically.
  • Then, enter Facebook with the usual username and password.
  • Next, you will notice that the extension icon appears at the top right of the screen. You must press on it.
  • Next, a pop-up window will be displayed with the option of activating said program or not.
  • In addition to a list with the different themes available, which have the option of edit their colors, by clicking on the option «Edit» in English. This is located next to each topic.

The possibilities range from adding different colors to the links, the color of the page in general, the writing text and other points on the page, you can add different colors and choose which one suits your personal style.

New settings available on Facebook

With the purchase of messaging Apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook has implemented new functions in the latter, some of which we can highlight are:

  • Incorporating moving images or «gifs» as they are mostly known in publications or to comment.
  • The states o stories available for a period of 24 hours.
  • Adding clips or sections of lyrics from songs in the states or stories.

Another of its functions is privacy and security settings adjustments. Through them, Facebook allows its users to decide access to images or publications for other users.

Finally, we hope this article has been of help to you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to change the theme of Facebook easily? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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