How to Change my Gmail Mail on my Android or iOS Phone in a Few Steps

Currently all smart devices, such as tablets or cell phones, due to its multiple functions and its ability to store information of a personal and basic nature, all its content must be backed up in an electronic account to which the user has full and preferably unique access.

The email in many others to function as an instant messaging system similar to WhatsApp, it works as a memory for store all files and information that you have on your mobile. This can be accessed easily through the creation of an account, if you do not have one, with a username and password like other media systems.

However, most people trust the security and privacy from an email, than from any other instant messaging system.

How to open an email or email account from my mobile?

If you have a new mobile, the option to enter an email or email account to download any application and to start backing up all the information and files there.

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The most recommended is that the email you enter is solely owned by youThat is, no one else had access to it. If you do not have one, you can create an email easily, you can do it through your mobile phone by following the steps that we will indicate below.

  • Access the section “Settings“Or”setting“From the mobile
  • look for the option of “accounts
  • Once here, select the option “add Account”. On most mobiles, when you get to this point, it asks you to enter the security password who owns the mobile, whether it be a fingerprint, pattern or another.
  • Then you will automatically display an initial screen where it will allow you to add one or more accounts. However, as you do not have one, you can search right here for the option of “create Account”.
  • Often you must enter all the data that is required, such as username, date of birth, first name, last name, alternative email, gender, password, among others. Although some of this data is not necessary for the creation of a new account.

When verifying your data and accepting the username as an email, it is done. You can enter this account from wherever you are and from any mobile, and by adding it as a default account on your mobile, all information will be backed up in the cloud through this account.

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How to change or modify my mobile email or email account?

To change or modify the email or email account of your mobile is a very similar procedure and just as simple as creating a new account. You just have to go to the settings or settings section of your mobile. Locate the “account” option and the option to add more accounts or delete the one you currently have will automatically appear to change it for another.

You can also enter directly into the email application, click on the image that appears in the profile, and select “add accounts.” Although to change an account as the default of your mobile, it is necessary that you enter its configuration as we have told you before.

What is an email account for on my mobile?

An email account was previously used to communicate through instant messages with another person who used the same communication system, but now it is used mostly for matters more highlights, such as to receive some confidential information, important documents, work matters, even to receive discount coupon books by mail at home.

As we can see, email is also taken into account by large and not so large companies when adding and innovating their marketing strategies, since most users and clients have an email account.

It could be said that it is the most important communication system today, in addition it not only works to send and receive text and multimedia messages. In it you can also save files such as photos, videos, phone numbers, among others, and store them in the cloud.

The most surprising thing is that you can access it from almost any device with an internet connection. For cell phone users it has become indispensable, since there you can back up any type of information that you have saved on your mobile.

What can I modify in my mobile email account?

From your email you can modify the following settings:

  • Mail address: You can make a replacement for your old email address and even change the alternate email address.
  • Password: You can easily change your password. It is strictly necessary to change it from time to time for security reasons.
  • Profile photo, user or name: Any data referring to your profile can be modified from the settings.
  • Phone number: If you have replaced your phone number or have lost your sim, you can easily change this information.
  • You can store your contacts in your email, in addition, you can choose the pertinent suggestions.

Modify or change the password

Modify or change the password is an action that can be performed using the browser of any device. Also, you can do it from the application. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  1. Launch the application, press the 3 horizontal stripes located in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on “Setting”.
  3. Then click on “Manage your Google account.”
  4. Then the identity of who enters must be verified by entering the current password.
  5. Go to “Security”.
  6. Then to “Password”.
  7. Enter your current password and then press “Next”.
  8. Enter the new password 2 times to confirm it and click the “Change password” button.

Change username

To change your username, the steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Enter the menu that are those 3 horizontal bars, located at the top of the left side.
  2. Press the button named “Configuration or Settings”.
  3. By clicking there, we will see other options on the screen where the option of “My account” must be checked later, which will indicate “Manage your Google account”.
  4. Then click on “Personal information” and there you will find the personal information.
  5. Click on the option “Name” where the current name appears and there you can change it.
  6. And finally, press “Done” and you will be finished with the process.

Enable verification

To enable email verification you must start by logging into your email. Followed by this, select the “Security” settings, proceed to click on the option “Access to Google” and select 2-step verification. To complete this part, you just have to follow the instructions and information requested by the system.

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When you try to verify a non-Google account, you will get an email with a verification code.

In case the account is being created, you will receive an email from Google, where the verification code will be found and to finish creating said account, the verification code must be entered when requested.

How to remove or modify the Google account from an Android or iOS phone?

On your device, launch the “Device Settings” application, then click “Google” and the option to manage your Google account. At the top click “Personal information”. Once there, in “Contact information or Basic information” touch the information you want to modify and there you can make all the changes you want or simply click on the option to delete account or a service.

Can I permanently remove an email from my mobile? – How to do it?

Yes, you can delete an email permanently, that is, that email address can no longer be used.

The first thing you must do to achieve this is, enter the Google settings, then go to the option “Data and personalization” to scroll vertically and click “Delete a service or account”.

When deleting your account this becomes irreversible, so there are certain checks that must be carried out as a form of security. Also, it allows you to observe everything that you will lose and Google will offer you several options that you must accept to make yourself responsible for this action that you are taking. And voila, your email will be permanently deleted from your device.

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