How to Change my iCloud Apple ID Account on my iPhone without Losing Data?

Today one of the main leading brands in the production and distribution of smart phones is the powerful Apple. This company since its inception has shown that its main objective is to be the company that is most characterized by the excellence and quality of its products.

In its catalog that we can see in the company they are not only smart phones, but they also include reproducers MP3, computers, and among many others. All being incredibly good in terms of software and processing power.

For instance, Apple phones have always been known for speed of processing, and we see the same aspect on their computers. Therefore, it is necessary to know how these computers work, since to access them you have to do a certain tedious process.

What is the iCloud account?

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The iCloud account is a very peculiar one and exclusive feature of all devices with iOS operating systems, that is, all Smartphones registered by the Apple company. Which works as a type of storage in a cloud, very similar to Mega.

This offers 5GB of storage for its users, with whom we can save a huge amount of content, all depending on what type of files we have. Another important feature is that it cannot be downloaded on Android phones.

What is the iCloud account for on iPhones?

Today’s iCloud account is not just for him file storage that are in our cell phone as music, videos and photos in a cloud. But also works as a synchronizer of different tools such as emails and to-do list from Apple.

That is to say, what will we great utility when changing our device, since we will have saved and registered all our information and valuable data on the new computer where we will open our old account. Which will save us many problems in the long run.

Can iCloud account be locked?

Now, what happens in those cases where we lose our cell phone, either due to a theft or it was lost. Logically the user will think and worry, since all their information will be stolen by another person, and this is a problem that cannot be taken lightly.

Many inconveniences could arise, for example, just by having the data of our bank accounts on the cell phone, we can have huge losses in the money saved in the banks. But it’s not a problem from another world since these accounts have a blocking system.

So, it is very important to clarify that the iCloud account is directly associated with the Apple ID, which is the one that accesses all the services offered by Apple. So when iCloud account is locked, basically all programs on the device are blocked.

How to change my iCloud Apple ID account on my iPhone without losing data?

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One of the most efficient solutions is the Apple ID account change, which will allow us to use important data in another account. The first thing we must do before this is to enter the Apple ID official page, which you can get through this link. Then we start section.

Later, we open the section of bill and we select Edit, we locate the Apple ID option and click the button below “Change Apple ID”. Then we write the Apple ID that we want to use and click on “Continue”With this, the program will register the change.

After this process, we will be able to access normally all the files and data which were saved in the previous account. Therefore, it is an advantage for those people who suffered the unfortunate fact of losing the usefulness or operation of their equipment.

As you can see, the process is really simple and does not take long to complete. Characteristic that shows that the Apple company offers quality and efficiency tools and programs.

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