How to Change My Keyboard Language to Greek on Any Device? – Fast and easy

The language it is the way that human beings have developed to communicate with each other. It evolved over the years, depending on the region in which it will be found, it evolved in different ways.

This is how languages ​​were born, for this reason there are so many languages ​​in the world, because each culture developed its own way of communicating. Then with the arrival of industrialization and currently the huge trade in electronic devices.

The companies that develop the products are looking for ways to reach as many consumers as possible. Therefore since the manufacture of their devices are configured to operate with any language.

How to change my keyboard language to Greek on any device?

In general, our devices come with a very wide gallery of languages ​​which we can enable very easily. As well as configure it so that they only work on our keyboard without affecting the general language of our devices.

This is very interesting, since it is possible to learn a little about the writing of different languages. Without a doubt, among the most interesting languages ​​we have keyboards in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, and among them the Greek, with a design of its letters that attracts a lot of attention.

It is possible to configure our devices to work with this wonderful language, which is one of the oldest that exists. In this article we will learn in an easy and fast way how to change my keyboard language to Greek on any device.

Steps to put the Greek language on my keyboard in Android

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Devices with Android operating system have Greek in their language catalog, so it is very simple to enable it. To carry out this action we must follow the steps indicated below:

The first thing is to open the tool Settings on our device, there we must go down until we find the option Languages ​​and text inputs and we select it. The next step will be to enter the option “Languages”.

There we can see the list of available languages ​​that Android offers us, we are interested in the Greek language. For which we will search until we find it and select it, in this way we will be enabling the language to be used.

Finally, if we want to write in this language or that our keyboard is configured to work in Greek, we must unfold keyboard and from the settings option we will change the language to Greek and that’s it.

Steps to change my keyboard language to Greek on iOS

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On devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac it is also possible to configure the language of our keyboard very easily. The first step is to open the “Setting” then we go down until we find “General options” and we select it.

When we enter we press the option Keyboard and then Add new keyboard, in this way we will be entering the language menu of our device. Now we will look for the Greek language and we select it.

It will be added to the list of languages ​​of our keyboard, to activate it we just owe unfold keyboard from our iPhone device. We enter the option of Languages represented by a sphere, we select Greek and that’s it.

Steps to set my keyboard language to Greek in Windows

It is also possible to configure the keyboard language on computers running Windows operating system. Following a few simple steps we will learn how to do this configuration in a very easy way.

In Windows there is an options bar located at the bottom of the screen, to the right of this bar is the option to change keyboard language. We select this option, then we click on Language preferences.

Now we select the option Add a language, we must find the language Greek and select it, then we click on Add. In this way it will be added to the available languages, to enable it we just have to click on the option to change language in the bottom bar and select the Greek option.

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