How to Change or Adjust Margins in a WordPad Document (Example)

Since its launch on the market with Windows 95, the Microsoft company has added free applications that allow the user to create documents in TXT format without the need for a paid office suite such as Microsoft Office.

One of them is the Notepad, identified as a small notebook with horizontal lines and a transparent blue sheet that covers them, raised halfway, and generally used for its simplicity by software programmers for various jobs and in freer language. .

This app carries the definition of text processor y It has more advanced functions than the notepad, but considerably inferior to the Word program. Among its disadvantages is the fact that does not allow the creation of text files with formats, colors, among others.

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place margin wordpad

Versions before Windows 95, they did not have the design for the creation of tables and spelling and grammar corrections, functions that have been added through updates to the Windows operating system; although it is always possible to convert a document from Wordpad to Word to edit it with more options.

In view of the characteristics it has, such as being incorporated into the computer directly when the Windows operating system is installed, it is not necessary to have an internet connection for its use, review of documents stored on a pendrive or previously downloaded files.

Use of margins

Generally, when you install WordPad, it comes with a default settings, which on many occasions is not what we need to carry out our work or to draft documents for later use.

Turn on your computer, and once it is turned on, click on the start button located in the lower left corner of the screen, so that the menu of all the applications and main folders on your hard drive will be displayed, and on the ‘Search’ bar type ‘WordPad’.

Once the program begins to run, it will give you the presentation of a blank sheet, where it will only be waiting for you to capture your ideas, but to do it in a more organized way, we must establish universal parameters for drafting documents such as the APA format.

This format indicates that we must leave an inch in each of the margins, both the top and the bottom, and to both right and left sides; an inch translates to centimeters as 2.54 as indicated by this format, and an indentation of five centimeters.

Margins modification

Now that you know what the measurements are, we are going to show you how you can place them in a WordPad document if you don’t have the Word office suite or if you don’t have the internet to download the free Open Office software, which includes Open OfficeWriter.

install wordpad pc

In the upper bar, you can see on the left the ‘set page’ button, where in the margins section you can place the amounts that we previously mentioned (one inch, that is, 2.54cm) that you must place in all editable text boxes, top and bottom, right and left.

Finally you accept this procedure by clicking on ‘ok’ and you will have a stylized document that meets the APA requirements established for documents; although if it is not the case of what you need, you can place the parameters that you think are convenient, always remembering to keep all the correct spelling.

Another limited way to establish a margin in this application is by means of a rule, although it will only modify the left side of your document, which for work and aesthetic reasons is not recommended, however it is up to your criteria if it is what you need .

As you can see, creating and modifying margins in this application is an extremely simple process that will allow you to give your document more order.

These changes will be applied at the time of making iphysical impressions available for later binding. You can even convert the Worpad file to PDF, since with its new margins it should be easier to read.

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