How to Change or Change Your Name in Valorant Easily – Complete Tutorial

The Valorant video game is relatively new that we can download to our PC, it is estimated that as it gains popularity and players, some options that are currently free, become possible by paying some cost, as in other Riot games.

At present the personal name of Valorant’s character is found connected to the Riot Games user account, which makes the procedure to change this very easy and is completely free. Here we will tell you how to choose a suitable name and how to change it.

What is Valorant?

The video game Valorant is currently free, it was published and developed by the company Riot Games. The first announcement of their existence was made in 2019, but they did it in key under the name of Project A, and then launch it for Microsoft from the Windows operating system.

Valorant characters

This video game has an environment developed based on the expectations of what the future will be like, its gameplay is in multiplayer mode and in first person mode. The characters in it are supposed to be agents, which are controlled by players from all over the world.

At the beginning of the game, the players decide which team they belong to, the attacker or the defender. The mission of each game depends on which team you belong to. Each team has five players. If you belong to the team of attackers, your mission is to place a bomb called Spike in a specific place and protect that the opposing team does not find it.

If you are from the defenders team, the mission for the 5 members is find the planted bomb and defuse it, unless the timer for this expires. If the bomb detonates, the attacking team scores points, and if the bomb manages to be deactivated, the defenders team wins points.

Not counting the fight to the death that exists between both sides. If a team manages to kill all the members of the opposing team, it turns out to be the winner of the game and earns the corresponding points. And so on until 12 rounds are completed, then the teams switch sides. And the winning team will be the one that manages to win 13 rounds first.

How do I choose a name for my Valorant character?

Currently to be able to access the Valorant game you have to create an account in Legends of Runeterra or in League of Legends, so that in this way Riot Games may assign you an ID which will be your original name in Valorant. If you already have an account in both games, the existing name will automatically become your Valorant name.

However, change your name and personal hashtag it is possible and totally free. The personal hashtag can be up to five characters long. To choose your username, it is enough to have something that catches your attention, or simply a set of syllables that make sense to you.

There are currently many strange and funny names in this video game. You only have to place one with which you feel comfortable when playing and that of course, meet the default game requirements, as the number of characters and their types.

How to easily change your name in Valorant?

It is important to note that the name chosen for your Valorant character can only be changed once every 30 days. To obtain the main name, it is necessary to create a user account on the Riot Games website to give you the official identification.

valorrant pump

Once this account is created we can have access to Valorant and our name will be the identification provided by Riot Games. It is not necessary to play either of the two previous games, this will only be a requirement to be able to access Valorant. Although if you already have a user open and have played one of those two games, the name will automatically be copied to Valorant.

To change our existing name we must close the Valorant game and go to the Riot Games main menu, from our account, select the identification option, here a pen icon will immediately appear referring to the name editor and you can make the change you want, you can even change your personal hashtag.

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