How to Change or Modify Disk Letter with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro (Example)

There are multiple tools for managing hard drives. One of them is AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro which is very effective for advanced users who want to manage physical drives. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to change or modify drive letter with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

What is AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro?

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is an application that allows manage hard drives. This tool is very useful for users because it facilitates tasks such as formatting drives and managing partitions easily and efficiently.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro and its functions

Creating and dividing partitions in AOEMEI Assistant Pro are two of the most relevant functions of this application, as well as the conversion of dynamic disks to basic, the modification of the size of the partitions, the creation of boot disks and other utilities for the management of hard drives.

Multiple hard drives

How to change or modify drive letter with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

To modify the letter to a hard disk using the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro program, it is essential that download and install the tool on your PC and use one of its functions correctly taking into account the steps that we explain below.

Check if your PC meets the requirements of AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

First of all, it is essential that check if your device is compatible with AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro. This tool can be installed in the XP operating system onwards with a 1Ghz processor or higher.

Regarding the RAM memory, 512 Mb, a super VGA graphics card of 16 bits or higher and 50 Mb of free space on the hard disk are required.

Download the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro app

Once you check your computer’s compatibility with the disk management tool, download from the diskpart website. There, look for the version “Pro” and press the “Download” button. Wait a few seconds while the application downloads.

Once you have downloaded the installation package, double click on its executable file. AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro is installed using a wizard to guide users through the entire process.

Explore the functions of AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

Open the program to access the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro utilities. You will see a interface containing a list of functions or tasks on the left side of the window.

Through the list of tool functions AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro will be able to carry out different activities such as moving partitions, migrating the operating system to another disk, formatting a partition or changing the letter and label of the unit.

Hard drive with cables

Change the letter of your hard drive

The letter of your hard drive will allow you to identify the drive more easily. This attribute is useful especially when viewing or knowing the storage capacity of your hard drive. In this sense, locate the section “Partition operations” and select the hard drive to which you want to change the letter.

Click on “change letter” found in the functions panel on the left of the interface. Write the letter you want to use to identify the drive and press “OK”.

Make sure to apply the change

Press the “Apply” button that you will find in the upper left part of the panel. Immediately, a new confirmation window will open for you to press the button “Proceed”.

Finally, the tool will ask you to reboot the system; therefore, you must click on the option “And it is” and wait a few seconds while the computer restarts.

It is important that you restart your system for the change to take effect. To check this change, go to Windows file explorer and click “This team”. There you will see the letter of the disk partition. Also, you can add more attributes to your drive by modifying or labeling partitions with AOMEI Partition Assistant. In this way, you will avoid getting confused when accessing each partition.

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