How to Change or Modify Email Accounts in Outlook Easily

Outlook is a very famous email worldwide with thousands and thousands of users. If what you want is modify or change email accounts in Outlook, this article is for you, as we will explain how to do it.

What you should know before taking this step

Before we begin we want to clarify something. This information will be based on how to modify the Outlook email account. Therefore, an Outlook account or profile will be modified from the computer by accessing the control Panel and not on the Outlook over the web page.

That said, let’s clarify that when we talk about modification, we mean basically adjusting or changing everything related to the information in our user profile.

In this case, to modify said information, we must enter the option that says “configurations advanced”And from here you can select what you want to modify, such as: email address, password, the settings you use for incoming and outgoing mail, among other things.

In order to access these options, you must do the following. First run the Outlook application from the computer and then in the menu bar select the option “file”. In the next drop-down menu we select the option that says “account settings” and followed by this, you must click on “account settings”.

Windows control panel

In this window we will see all emails that we have registered and added in the Outlook application. We just have to click on the email you want to make the modification and once clicked, you select the option to change.

In the field of “incoming mail service” we can make special modifications, however, a bad configuration here can make Outlook stop working so it is recommended no move the configuration of this field if we don’t have the knowledge.

We have already seen how we can modify the Outlook email account. But now, let’s see how we can make account changes in Outlook mail step by step.

Steps to change your Outlook email account

As for changing the account in Outlook mail, it is quite simple, but in this case we can make two types of changes. One is the simple account change performed from the application and the other is from the control panel. You can also see how to remove duplicate contacts in this email.

Let’s see first how you can change the email account Outlook from the app. To begin, you must run the application and then click on the “file” option that is located in the menu bar. It’s similar to what you would do to block spam from your email.

Then in the next menu, select the option “account settings” and once again, in the drop-down window click on “account settings”. From here we can select the account we want to change. However, if we do not have a registered account, we can easily register a new one by clicking the buttonnew”.

It’s that easy to change an Outlook email account from the application. Now we are going to see how to change the account from the panel from control. To begin we must exit Outlook and place in the search bar “control panel”. Once it is executed we look for the mail option.

Outlook home page

As important information this option It varies from place to place depending on the version of Windows that we have installed. This is why it is recommended to place the word mail in the search engine of the control panel. You can also sync Outlook with Gmail so all your information is connected.

Now if we have 3 options, one is to add a new email by clicking on “E-mail accounts”. The other is to change the storage in “data file” and finally the profile.

As you can see in this article, changing and modifying email accounts in Outlook is very simple. If you have any questions or problems, you can report your concern to Microsoft’s Outlook support.

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