How to Change or Modify Spell Check Options in PowerPoint

Slides have become an essential tool when presenting our work or preparing conferences, and when we talk about this topic, PowerPoint is our best ally, it has functions that go from creating images to editing texts. . If you are fond of this instrument you have hit the nail on the head because you will learn to change or modify the spelling checker in PowerPoint.

Compared to other methods, here you can create slides that can be a magnificent support material where you include texts, images, videos and audios. There you can place a large number of elements such as graphics, screenshots and illustrations. Which in one way or another provides us with security and confidence when presenting ourselves to a large audience.

What is PowerPoint?

It is a program that aims to create presentations with mind or concept maps, animated texts or import images that you can load from your computer. This has at its disposal different templates that adapt to your tastes and facilitate your work when preparing presentations.

One of the benefits is that this software is much simpler than Word, is one of the most used worldwide, according to Microsoft data, around 30 million presentations are made with PowerPoint on a daily basis.

However one of the biggest rivals of this program is OpenOffice what is open source software Available in Linux, which includes spreadsheets and vectors, has a wide variety of languages ​​and is available in most operating systems, this alternative is completely free, so in recent months its receptivity has grown by giant steps.

Steps to change or modify the spell checker options

To start you must activate the spelling correction option, by clicking on the Review tab so that the spelling window is broken down you place the cursor on the command Check grammar with spelling and voila, this function is fully activated.

change modify options spell checker powerpoint

At the same time, you can modify the language of the corrector (It has approximately 365 languages), click again on the Review tab and use the languages ​​option, this will throw you the tab Set proofing language. There you select the one of your preference.

PowerPoint on your mobile device

And this app continues to innovate, now it reaches your mobile device which allows you to access your presentations much faster and you can open it from anywhere you are, even if you do not have an internet connection in your area.

This application is available in the Play Store of your Android device and the presentations you make there are fully compatible with a computer. So if you are one of the people who leave everything to the last minute, this app can get you out of trouble repeatedly.

Artificial intelligence functions

Some time ago PowerPoint decided to activate a new function ‘design ideas’ that comes to allow you to make presentations much more professional and in less time, offering designs already created and allowing them to use them at their own discretion.

And as this app seeks the inclusion of its entire audience, it launched the function of corporate presentations that facilitates their development for companies and in turn helps them convey the desired message to their users.

Presentation coach

If you are one of the percentage of the population that is not given anything about the use of applications, as if that were not enough, PowerPoint designed an assistant that encourages its users to prepare creative presentations and improve their skills when speaking in public.

modify spell checker powerpoint

This function allows you to activate a test mode in which the student can practice as many times as necessary, in parallel this virtual coach gives you suggestions on the screen, for example: Time elapsed, exposure rate and sends you a notification when your language is not appropriate.

At the end of each rehearsal session, the asistente sends you to your registration email a summary of your participation and the aspects that you must work to improve your presentation.

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