How to Change or Modify the Cross Cursor for the Brush Tip in Photoshop

Photoshop is the program with which you can edit photos and images in a professional way, in turn it is the number one editing program worldwide. For this reason, it has a variety of features so that users can work comfortably.

Each of the versions has new settings. In addition, one of the main functions of the program is the pointer, which in many cases changes its shape and the modification process is unknown, which is very simple. Next we will explain step by step how you can change or modify the cross cursor for the brush tip in Photoshop.

Steps to change the crosshair pointer to the brush tip in Photoshop

Photoshop logo, hand

In order to solve the problem of the pointer in Photoshop that appears in the shape of a cross instead of the circle that defines what you want to draw or paint, a simple step must be carried out. As you can understand, the crosshair pointer is difficult to use, as it complicates the work.

When you want to use the brush or erase tool, the process is complicated. So to solve it you just have to press the key “Caps Lock” on the keyboard and in this way the pointer changes to the brush pointer automatically.

It should also be noted that the Photoshop program has different pointers that are applied in different processes. In addition, it is important to mention that sometimes the pointer grabs or provides the shape of the selected tool.

In the same way, there are three main forms of pointers which are in cross, which is mainly applied in frame tools.

Also, the pointer in I shape it is the one that is displayed each time the text tool is selected. Finally the brush pointer applies in most cases to painting or erasing tools.

Additionally, another way to change the pointer is by entering the “edit” option in the upper menu, then you can choose the “preferences” section and finally you can find “cursors”.

Options include: “Standard, Precise, Full-size Brush Tip, show only crosshair cursor when painting, normal brush tip and show brush tip cross. “Each of the pointers has its own characteristic.

Changing the pointer settings

Photoshop pointer adjustments

It should also be mentioned that you can configure the brush so to do this you have to adjust the size, click the right mouse button but with the tablet pen selected. In the same way, you can see a small box with various options, which is the basic configuration of the brush.

The first option is the size, so if you want to paint in letter size you can select 9pxas it is a standard size. In turn, the hardness should be left in 100% together you can see the types of brushes, brushes or pencils that can be used, highlighting that each one has different characteristics.

You can select each of the brushes to test them according to their characteristics, although a good option is brush number two. In addition, you can open the advanced settings of the brush.

Within this section you can find the checkbox “shape dynamics”, in control “pen pressure” can be selected. Likewise, it can be seen in the box below that the vision of the brush line has changed, for that reason you can find it in thick and thin.

If you want you can adjust the other options to change the type of tip and the inclination so that they also depend on how hard the brush is pressed on the tablet.

Later, if the menu on the left side is displayed, more options can be found that modify the type of line. Once you finish with the selection, you can see the settings in action, as the brush is ready to do the desired job.

Finally, we hope this information has been helpful to you. Emphasizing that nowadays thanks to computer changes and this program, it is possible to carry out a series of activities such as erasing the background of a photo.

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