How to Change or Modify the Google Translate voice Easily? (Example)

Google is the giant of the search engine industry for many reasons. The main ones would be the large number of functions that it offers to its users, and how well optimized they are. For this reason is today’s appointment, so that you learn to change or modify the voice of the translator of Google.

And, this tool has been one of the most used since the beginning of Google. Since it is one of the more powerful translation engines that exists (with thousands of languages ​​within it). It is true that before it was the mockery of the planet because of the literal translation, but now it is one of the best you could use, so much so that now you can even translate texts from English to Spanish using Google Translate on Android (you can download it for free from the PlayStore ).

Change or modify the voice of Google Translate

To get straight to the point and quickly finish off the explanation of the process that will help you change or modify the voice of the Google translator, First you should know that depending on the device you are, this process may vary.

So for a better understanding, you have to divide the explanation into parts, number one will be how to change the voice on the computer. You have to go to translator page (from any browser you have available), and once you are there, you have to enter in the first box (left), what you want to translate.

Then, you must stand on the arrow that is looking down above said text box, with it you can select the language of your preference.

translator logo

Now, hit the icon that has a microphone shape, which is the loudspeaker, with that the program will translate what you have put in a spoken way.

Each language has a different voice, for Spanish there is one, for English another, etc. So really, you shouldn’t do anything to change the voice (there really isn’t an option), the translator will do it himself.

You just have to follow the process described above to select the language and that’s it. There is no application that can alter this, so that is the only way to achieve it.

Change translator voice on Android

With the above, you basically already know how to change or modify the voice of the Google translator using the computer, on mobile phones it is something similar, however, other steps must be taken.

First go to the application on the phone, there touch the settings menu, which is represented by an icon of three horizontal bars.

When you have done it, several options will open to you, among which is “Voice input”, press it, in that section you will see the section of “Dialects”, Choose the language and dialect you want within it.

It should be noted that not all languages ​​have different dialects, so it is a matter of luck if the one you are looking for is found.

In addition, in this section you can also translate words that are considered offensive, you just have to press the button “Block offensive words”, to disable protection.

This version also has other functions, which allow you to use the Google translator without an internet connection, and even use Google translate as a free proxy server, making this translator your best option.

Change voice on iPhone

As a last explanation it is time for you to see how to change the voice in the devices of the bitten apple. To do this, you must go to the translator application as the first step.

phone with translator

Then, touch the gear symbol at the bottom and then select the option “Linguistic region”. In this section, press the language associated with the dialect you want to enter.

And finally, touch the region of the dialect, with that everything will be ready, remember that as in Android this is not available for all languages.

With the last thing you read, now if you know how to change or modify the voice of the Google translator completely, so go to your application and let your translations begin! Remember that there are many hidden functions within the translator that are not exposed here , such as the fact that you can translate words from English to Spanish by selecting them in Google Chrome automatically, so you should keep looking for information on the internet about it.

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