How to Change or Modify the Screen Resolution on an Android Mobile without Root

Today, man makes technology help your day to day, in order to have a fuller and easier life. It is true, the human has become dependent on technology, however, this only causes that every day it is more advanced, that it develops more science and that in itself, it achieves a better quality of life.

That is why it is important that man know how to handle all these gadgets at full capacity. One of the main things that people learn is to personalize the digital spaces they have in their own way.

This is can thus show on our computerOne of the first things we do is set a new wallpaper and thus give the device we just bought a more personal touch. Giving the possibility of even sending the image of your phone to your Roku.

It is important that you know that a mobile phone It is a device which allows you to make calls, send messages and so on. All immediately, which is the main premise of modern human communication. Now, there are also smart mobile phones or Smartphones. These, unlike normal mobiles, allow the user to almost completely modify the device, in addition to being state-of-the-art technology.

These have input devices, or rather, the parts with which you interact with the technological device. For example, on computers, your input methods are keyboard and mouse. On phones, it’s the screen, and without it, you can’t access the information on it, unless you know a special trick that allows you to extract information from a phone with a black screen.

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How do cell phone screens work?

There are different types of technologies, among which are LEDs (Light Emitting Diode- or Light Emitting Diode in Spanish) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display- or Liquid Digital Display). These technologies are protected by a special glass screen, which is a special alloy of silicone with aluminum, and is commonly called Gorilla Glass.

Your phone has several devices inside it which allow you to send visual information to the sensors on the screen, which later show the information in real time. If your phone has a bad screen, and you really want to see the information, you can learn how to view your phone screen on a PC with a USB cable.

What can I change on my cell phone screen?

This has many options. Modern phones allow you to switch from sensitivity with which you must press the buttons until changes in how the light and image of the programs are shown. This is because the screens work through a display system called Pixels, which are small bulbs that generate light at different intensities to create a high range of colors. When a fairly high number of pixels is put together, an image is produced.

The fewer pixels an image has, less clear will be seen. The screens of our phones let us show that because there are two factors that these have that dictate how many pixels the screen will have. These are the capabilities of the display device and the capabilities of your device’s software. There are applications which have a large number of pixels, so it is important that you learn how to put the full screen with any Android application.

samsung with screen

How do I modify the screen resolution without root?

This is very easy, as it is an option that it is available since android is installed, for free and automatically. This makes it easy for many people to experiment with their own ways of setting up the device to try to get the most out of it.

To be able to modify these resolution values, we must go to the section of Options of our cell phone. Once there, we will be presented with quite a few customization options.

However, we will only press the Display button. After having pressed it you will be taken to another menu that has all the ways in which you can configure the screen. At the end of the list is the “Screen Resolution”. Once you press this, the phone will open a menu that allows you to choose the number of pixels present.

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