How to Change or Modify the Size of a Chart in Excel Easily

Many times our world can turn into complete chaos, when we do not know which option or function to use when we have a problem. The same happens to us in the Excel spreadsheet, even in its online version, when we have created a graph and we have no idea how to modify it. And in this article we will teach you how to change or resize a chart in Excel easily.

adapt excel chart

If you did not know, you can perfectly change or modify the overall size of a graphic, you can make it wider or thinner, bigger or smaller. Its general appearance can be changed and thus create an impressive graphic that everyone likes. You will see how simple it is and it will not take you long to do it, since with a few steps it will be ready.

Our focus has always been and will always be that you know perfectly how to use the different Microsoft Office office tools. And especially the correct use of the excel spreadsheet and the way in which the different graphs that the application allows can be made, as in the case of pie graphs in a cell.

How to easily resize or resize a chart in Excel

And let’s start at once with the simple explanation of this procedure and learn how to easily resize or resize a chart in Excel. To begin we go to the application to open it and we will create a new book. In it you can create a graph, an advanced graph or if you have already created it, it only opens that book that you already have saved.

Now, having the graphic on the sheet, we are going to click on it to select it and thus be able to resize or resize. You will notice that the graphic will be completely surrounded by a blue line, indicating that it has been selected to modify it. Now the next step is to locate yourself in one of the corner or edges of the graph.

Three dots will be displayed and you will select, then the mouse pointer will turn into a double headed arrow. This of course will happen when you hover over a chart area which can be resized. To modify the size you must click and drag inwards or outwards depending on whether you want to make it smaller or larger.

When you find the ideal size, you just have to release the mouse button, if you want to modify it again, repeat the aforementioned steps again. And you can repeat this process as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the final size. And in this way you have learned to change or modify the size of a chart in Excel easily.

Different ways to easily resize or resize a chart in Excel

There is another way to resize or resize a chart in Excel easily and it is by entering the graphic configuration and modifying the width and height. To do this you must go to the graph and select it with the mouse by clicking. The next step is to go over and select the Format option for the chart area.

Then you must choose the option Size and properties and here you can enter the data about the new height and width that the graph will have. And in this way you have also been able change or modify the size of a chart in Excel easily. It is also possible to do this if instead of having one graph you have several and you want to resize them at the same time.

To begin we must select all the graphs and we will do it with the left mouse button and at the same time you press the Ctrl key. Once selected, release the mouse and now position yourself on one of the graphics and right-click. Then select the option Size and properties, enter the data for the new height and width.

modify sizes

As you can easily see, the size can be changed in different possible ways and they are all very easy to apply, but also if you want you can insert a legend in a graph. And here we come with this article that could teach you how to change or resize a chart in Excel easily.

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