How to Change or Modify the Visual Style of Objects in AutoCAD – Step by Step

AutoCAD remains the premier program for 3D modeling and design. AutoCAD allows you to access various visual styles. These functions convert the objects within the program with another style. This to offer a complete overview of the models. Suddenly see an object. Visual styles control the display of hatches, edges, and lines that make up an object in the program.

Depending on the visual style, you can see the object in different preset views. They are visualizations 3d, 2d, as a sketch, as a realistic version or as one wants to preselect it. Change the style it will allow you to work in a better way the models and objects.

Suddenly, you need to see the object as a wireframe that allows you to visualize all its lines and edges. However, other times you need to see it in a more realistic way; how it would look physically in real life.

How it would look with shadows, from other angles or with different color tones. AutoCAD optimizes your work within its program allowing change the way you see and model an object. And doing that is very simple as we explain it here

How do I select or modify the visual style? – Step by Step

Changing the visual style in AutoCAD is very easy. First of all, click on the “View” tab in the top menu. After this, in the options displayed, click on “Visual Styles”.

There are five essential visual styles in AutoCAD versions. These are: 2D Wireframe. Wireframe 3D, Hidden 3D, Conceptual and Realistic.

autocad to modify visual style of an object

There are others also called, Shaded, Shaded with edges. Shades of gray, schematic of and X-rays. The latter complement options that are already included in the first five.

Next, we are going to analyze the five main visual styles when modeling in AutoCAD. And in the same way, because each one is convenient.

What are the visual styles that I can switch to in AutoCAD?

2D Wireframe is the visual style main in the program that exits when creating a new file. Show the objects and models you have on the board with lines. It is something like seeing the objects as a map made up of lines. This is the most basic way to see a model as if it were a printed plan. It is similar to the external images that we insert.

The visual style of Wireframe 3DAs the name indicates, it is a more optimized version of the previous one. This thanks to the fact that our 2d plane of lines will be seen in a three-dimensional way. In this way, we can appreciate the model from many more angles.

The next visual style is Hidden 3D It is similar to the previous 3D Wireframe. However, faces on objects that are hidden from view will not be visible. In this way, we see it from a more realistic way to the human eye instead of seeing it through it as if we had X-ray vision. This also helps us to concentrate more on one side of the object that we are working on.

What are other important visual styles to use in AutoCAD?

Visual style Conceptual It is a higher level than Hidden 3D as it adds shadows and gradient colors to the model. In this way it will look much more realistic and with depth. It also helps a lot to notice depth perception when designing and modeling an object.

woman designing with autocad

The fifth and last of all is the Realistic visual style. This one also adds more shadows. Also, it smooths the edges of the faces in the model. Finally, in this visual style you can appreciate the materials and textures that are added to the objects.

The other visual styles are similar. X-rays, allows you to see the object in 3D are color and shadow. However, with colors smoothed so that we can see the lines and faces through the object.

Likewise, shades of gray allow you to see the object with these shades. Shaded and Shaded with edges, allow us to see it also with the shadows, but without leaving aside the base lines to be able to guide us through the object.

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