How to Change or Rotate a Video from Portrait to Landscape Format with Shotcut

When editing a video, you should try to pay attention to several aspects to make a professional finish, of course we refer to the editing program to use.

This is why, if we want to make a good video, we must analyze which is the best video editing software with photos or music for us to use, which in turn offers simplicity in its handling, and that of course, allows to carry out basic and advanced tasks of video editing, as is for example the power rotate or rotate a video from vertical to horizontal and vice versa.

Today we will talk about Shotcut, a very popular show that stands out for its ease, the large number of video editing tools that it has.

What was the Shotcut video editor program made of?

Shotcut is a free open source program, available Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems, which allows to perform complex tasks for video editing and rendering in a very practical and simple way.

It is so easy to use, that it is a recommended program for all those people who, with or without experience in the field of video editing, wish to carry out quality work, thanks to its multiple editing tools, filters and rendering options, which undoubtedly make it a very good option within the industry.

woman editing on her pc

It is a very popular program among content creators for YouTube, as it has the same options as professional programs for video editing, but with the incentive of having a comfortable and simple interface to be used by all types of users with or without experience.

How to rotate videos from portrait to landscape with Shotcut?

Many times it is common to find ourselves in the editing process with video pieces in different formats, both vertical and horizontal, this usually happens when the recording process it is done from different shots or by several people. This can be a headache for those who have no experience in video editing and do not know how to rotate it, but there is no need to fear, it is really a very simple process to apply in the Shotcut program.

person recording vertically

To rotate videos in portrait to landscape format quickly and easily without needing much experience, we will need the Shotcut program. Which we can download from its website and can be installed and used for free thanks to being an open source program.

Once the program is installed, we will proceed to execute it on our computer, what we must do is create a project with the name of our preference and press “start”.

Once this process is done, you will be able to see the program interface, in which we have several options to import a video, from your option “play list“located at the top of the toolbar, or simply dragging the video clip to edit with the mouse to the left panel within the program.

Then you should go to the bottom of the program, and where it says “timeline“locate and press on the button with 3 horizontal lines in parallel, there you will look for the option”add video track“. Once the process is done you will drag the video clip of the”play list” to “video track“created.

The next step to take look for the option “filters” of the Shotcut program, you can find it both in the toolbar and in the space between the “playlist” and the “time scale”.

By clicking on the “filters” button a submenu opens, and there search and select the button with the (+) symbol. This will open a new tab with a search engine where you must write “rotate“so that you can quickly see the filter that will allow you to rotate or rotate the video. Once here you just have to locate the bar”rotation“with which you can play according to your needs, its default value being 0 °.

As you can see, rotating and rotating a video in Shotcut is very simple, remember that the effects applied according to the filter can affect your entire project. So if you only want to rotate, rotate or apply any other filter such as silencing certain parts of the video in Shotcut in a single section of the video, use the option “split in the playhead“and so the effect will only be applied to the desired selection.

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