How to change QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY in easy steps

Reconfiguring the order of letters on a keyboard is an underused resource, in fact, only a small number of people use a configuration other than the standard one. And it is that this configuration of QWERTY to AZERTY keyboard it is especially used for a language in particular, French.

Nevertheless, anyone can change the order of the keyboard letters to their liking and thus configure it according to your needs or wishes. If you need to change the order of the keyboard letters, either on a virtual or physical keyboard, to go from QWERTY to AZERTY, this tutorial is exclusively for you.

What is the use of changing the keyboard settings on my device?

The reasons why a person decides to change the order of the letters on a keyboard are varied, and that will depend on their interests. Using the AZERTY setting benefits those who are just beginning to learn the French language, this being the main reason to switch to this configuration.

The countries where the French language is mainly used (such as Belgium, France and Canada) deserve this configuration to be able to write comfortably, since with it they can use the French quotation marks, the caret, and other types of recurring diacritics in your language. Those who study such a language find it didactic to use the AZERTY keyboard to put their learning into practice.

set change qwerty keyboard order

As it is a language that differs grammatically from Spanish, it is not practical to write on an electronic device using a configuration directed to languages ​​that do not use the same spelling resources, that is why the keyboard AZERTY is the most suitable option.

Why aren’t all keyboards the same?

The layout of modern keyboards comes from that used in typewriters, prevailing the QWERTY keyboard until today as the most used. However, its configuration not the most ergonomic or optimal for certain languages.

Another factor by which the key layout varies is user experience. Some users consider certain keys irrelevant to their needs, so there are virtual keyboards that allow removing such keys.

Regarding physical keyboards, there are some symbols that are specific to some languages, so they are not found on international standard keyboards. The AZERTY keyboard is an example of this, although other countries with their own alphabets (such as Russia, China and Korea) use their own key layouts adapted to their language.

What to do if my phone’s keypad was misconfigured?

When using a virtual keyboard, electronic devices tend to offer greater accessibility when modifying the layout of their keys. This allows for great versatility when switching from one language to another and includes built-in dictionary support.

azerty keyboard letter order

The process is fairly straightforward on any mobile device, although it encompasses more than simply changing the system’s default keyboard; requires additional advanced settings. However, keyboards are often easily adapted to each user through use.

In case your keyboard has been misconfigured and you don’t know how to return it to its state, here’s how to switch between QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard on your Android or iOS device without any complications.

How to return to the QWERTY keyboard on a cell phone

Open the ” menuSettings‘and look for the section of’Language and Text Introduction‘. There you will find the keyboard configuration options. Select ‘Spanish’ or ‘English’ and your keyboard will automatically revert to QWERTY. The procedure is the same on iOS and Android devices.

If you use a keyboard other than the default on Android, you can change the layout to QWERTY from app settings. The path varies depending on the keyboard used, but is usually similar to the process used through the ‘Settings’.

How to go back to AZERTY on mobile device

For both Android and iOS, the mechanism is the same: first you must go to ‘Settings‘from the system, then click on’Language and Text Introduction‘, and select’Keyboards‘ and then ‘Languages‘. In add keyboard you must choose ‘AZERTY France‘.

When using a different keyboard than Android uses by default, you must access the settings of that keyboard and adjust keyboard layout from there for the changes to take effect.

How to switch to QWERTY or AZERTY

To configure the order of the letters on a keyboard we must consider a couple of things; the first thing is see what default configuration our computer brings, and when we talk about computers we mean both MAC and Windows computers.

Depending on the operating system (and the version of the operating system), you have to apply a different procedure. Setting the order of the letters on a keyboard on a Windows 10 computer is not the same as setting it on a macOS computer. There are also differences according to the versions of the system, but they are not usually very different and usually follow similar steps.

On Windows PC

What you should do, in general terms, is open the menu of Beginning and go up Control Panel; access to ‘Regional Language Settings‘, go to the keyboard section, and click on the’ buttonChange keyboards‘, to finally choose the AZERTY one.


On MAC computers the process can be a bit more complex; however, it can be done without technical knowledge. To do so, you must download a key mapping file, that is, a program that contains a quick key configuration.

After downloading it, you just have to visit the ‘System preferences‘and change the input method to the configuration downloaded from the’ ‘sectionLanguage and text‘.

What other famous keyboards are there and are in use today?

Although a configuration other than the QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard is rarely used, there are other distributions that have been popular since the invention of mechanical and electronic keyboards due to its special properties designed to optimize typing and make it more comfortable and agile.

Dvorak keyboard

It was invented by a psychologist in the 1930s under the idea of ​​decreasing the margin of error when writing without slowing down the speed of writing. It is ergonomically designed to prevent injury on the fingers during long periods of use. Taking into account the human anatomy, he achieved his mission.

Position the keys according to their frequency of use, requiring less movement in the joints at the time of writing and, therefore, less effort. Despite its great comfort, it was surpassed in popularity by the QWERTY keyboard and is rarely used today.

HCESAR keyboard

Just as AZERTY was created to optimize French writing, the HCESAR keyboard was engineered for the same purpose for Portuguese, integrating characters and symbols of the Portuguese language. It was employed by government decree for a time, but over time it almost completely disappeared.

Klingon keyboard

The main distinguishing feature of this keyboard is the font of its characters, which are a tribute to the fictional Klingon language, sourced from Star Trek. It does not have the same practical utility as the other keyboards, but it is certainly very interesting for all fans of this cult series.

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