How to Change Slider Images and Put Social Media Icons on Blogger

Change Slider Images in Blogger It is a constant task for every web page editor, the content of the Slider says a lot about the blog or the web that runs it, so you must have good ideas to capture in that space, putting images and icons of social networks.

Blogger allows you to make modifications in the Sliders you want, and it is a service used online with many applications and different tools, being able to modify the Sliders in a convenient way to put images. If you want learn to modify a Slider, keep reading.

How to change Slider images in Blogger?

A Slider is a tool used on web pages, it is a section with a format of images and / or text that goes in the home interface. All websites should use a Slider to establish images that users see when they enter.

This tool allows you to give information about the content of the rest of the page, in addition to providing it with a more aesthetic style.

change the images slider put icons social networks

From time to time it is necessary change the information contained in these SlidersThis is due to the update protocols that every page must have. That is why the images present in a Slider, with the passing of weeks or days, are no longer the same.

Changing the images of Slider in Blogger is possible and simple, you just have to download the spreadsheets that the sliders bring in XML format; these are deciphered into codes within the document. You have to copy said codes to clipboard.

Then you must enter Blogger online, and in the ‘Sidebar’ section click on ‘gadget’; the pop-up box will have the option to give it to edit, and finally, you must paste the codes in the slider content. This should be done by linking the Blogger edit sheet with your blog user or website.

How can I blogger with social media icons?

The process explained above also has the variant of editing the content with Blogger, for which you must learn to create a page with this tool and edit it as you like.

The recommendation by blogger users has always been to have the paid version of the platform, because it has more blogging and editing tools and pages; But you can also learn how to create a blog for free on Blogger.

To put social media icons in Slider we must apply a similar procedure to the previous one; Like the templates that we download in XML format to change the images of the Sliders, in a Text Document we will download the codes of the social icons.

In the same way, we will copy these codes to the clipboard and go to Blogger to put them in a Slider. The next thing is to click on the option ‘My design’ on the left side of our screen within Blogger.

Then we will have to create a gadget in the ‘Sidebar 2’ section; at this point we will go to the HTML / Javascript option to paste it into the content space. We give to save disposition and then we refresh our page or blog to see the icons of social networks.

What else can you do with Blogger on our website or blog?

Blogger is the essential tool for interface design on every web page or blog. It consists of a platform based on a list of options that allow setting configurations on the webs.

social media icons for blogger change images slider

For this reason, Blogger is widely used in the world of professional page design In Internet. With this tool, most web users have access to the active modification of their page layouts.

With Blogger you can edit, make and create blog images in a professional way; in fact, this job is well paid by website owners around the world.

Besides the image edition, this platform goes much further. You can change the images of the Sliders and put icons of social networks, but it is also possible to customize the template of your blog or website. This tool is really amazing to create your page.

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