How to Change Table Sizes in Word – Quick and Easy

With Microsoft Word you can edit the documents you want, likewise the program has several features which can be implemented to give a better appearance to the document. In turn, Word is the most widely used application worldwide for creating and editing digitized texts.

Therefore, it should be noted that Word provides the option to incorporate tables within your documents, but you may not know how to resize them. For this reason it is important to understand that the size of the tables can be adjusted to the desired size and only consists of a few simple steps to achieve it.

Therefore, if you are tired of looking for information online in order to get a good result but you have not succeeded, do not worry. Because below we will indicate the simplest and most efficient way to change the sizes of a table in Word.

Discover how to adjust the size of a table in Word

Primarily it should be mentioned that by having the table created in Word you can write the desired information between the boxes. But, it may be that the size of it is not desired, so it can be easily adjusted.

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The table can be made smaller or larger and in this way can be adjusted as desired. For this, you must initially go to the “view“Then you have to look for the first option which is”.print layout“it allows you to modify the size.

It can then be located at the bottom of the window and the table can be adjusted from the controller that is displayed. So the mouse pointer must be placed over the controller, it is displayed as an arrow and then it can be dragged until the desired size is achieved.

Highlighting what can be done smaller or bigger, in this way the size of it is adjusted. In addition, the procedure allows you to adjust the height and width of the table, once it is adjusted to the desired size you can release the mouse.

It is a simple process, in the same way you can adjust the width of the table if it is located at the end and drag the side line of the table to make it smaller or wider.

Likewise, if a table is introduced that does not have the determined measures, therefore a part of it remains outside the Word sheet. But you can adjust the size so that it is well attached, so you have to select the table then click on “presentation” on the top menu.

Therefore, click on “auto-adjust” which displays several options to finally select the “fit to window” option.

Steps to adjust the column and row size of a table in Word

Adjust size in Word

It is important to mention that if you wish you can adjust the size of a column in the table, there are also two ways to achieve it. For this reason, you must follow the steps that we will explain below.

Initially for resize a table column in Microsoft Word You have to move the cursor that is displayed on the dividing lines of the columns, it can be dragged to the desired size.

Together there is another method to achieve it so you must enter a cell then right click and search “table properties”. Next, in the “column” tab, you can see the measure you have and right there you can write the desired size for the horizontal column and finally press “accept”.

It should also be noted that you can change the size of a row in Microsoft Word. So to do this you must place the pointer between the lines of the table to find the resize pointer, then drag until you find the desired measure.

Ultimately you can adjust the size by right clicking on a cell in the row, also looking for the option “table properties”. In the panel that opens, the “row” tab is selected, where you can adjust the measurement for the size of it in the table.

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