How to Change the Arrow Icon for a Car or Car in Google Maps

Reaching our destination when we do not fully know the way is sometimes difficult. For this, Google Maps has come to make our lives a little easier. For this, in this article you will know how change the arrow icon to a car or car icon on Google Maps.

This application is of utmost importance when moving in places that we do not know. Since it offers an extensive map service that shows us the route and the distance between various places we want to reach.

How to change the arrow icon to a car icon in Google Maps

In the first place and a very important step is that we must go to the Play Store of our mobile device. And verify that the Google Maps application is fully updated.

After this we go to open the Google Maps app on our mobile. To perform this customization you must first start a navigation.

change the arrow icon to a car or car icon in Google Maps

This consists of choosing the address of your destination in the search bar. As you can see, a blue arrow will be displayed.

All you have to do is click on this arrow and a series of cars appears on our screen that we can choose to make this our icon.

Three more car options are you can choose from. There is a small red vehicle, a yellow truck and a green Pick Up. You press the icon of your preference and in this simple way is how you dispose of that boring arrow once and for all.

In the world of technology There are several applications that allow us to have access to the GPS and that fulfill this function among them we have Waze, Safari GPS, Google Maps among others.

Applications like these give us the option of having a personalized navigation allowing us to change the type of map that shows us, the type of vision and even change the shape of our GPS indicator.

Usually all GPS navigation applications offer us various figures to change our navigation indicator, figures such as: A blue triangle, three car designs and even a figure of a person.

car icon to navigate on Google Maps

How to choose a new icon in Google Maps


In the case of iOS it is the same procedure as Android, but unlike this operating system it shows us in our upper right corner three circles; that if we press it, it shows us an options panel, between them change navigation icon.


To change our Google Maps navigation icon in the Android operating system, we must go to the device applications and we select the GPS navigator Google Maps.

Once we have entered our Google Maps, we can see that a map is displayed on our screen that shows us our exact geographical position, the name of the streets we travel and even our height above sea level.

If you look closely at the screen, you can see that Google Maps shows a navigation icon that means where we are; said icon It is always by default as a blue triangle.

We can change this icon to have a more personalized navigation. To change it, we must hold down our default icon for a few seconds When you do this, a menu will open with various options; among them, change the navigation icon, press it and choose a different figure. So we can change our navigation icon.

Most used tools in Google Maps

Among the most used tools in Google Maps we have:

Remember recently visited places

For remember the trips that you have visited, especially the most recent ones. You must activate your location history for your location and registration to be recorded with Google.

To activate the history, on your phone or tablet go to chronology, select setting then location history and enable it.

Once the chronology history is activated on the phone or tablet, open the Google Maps application, touch your profile picture where it says timeline. Once there, choose the day or month by touching show calendar; then swipe left or right and select a day.

Set your location

In Google Maps you can set the location of your home or workplace. To do this, on your phone or tablet open the Google Maps application, touch where it says saved in “your lists” and press the labeling option. Now, choose home or work and finally enter the address.

On Google by having your home and work location fixed it will not be necessary to search for it again and again, so you will have directions faster. You also have the option to choose an icon for these locations.

To use navigation or also known ‘Google Maps navigation’, we must introduce our starting point be it a city or a street and our point of arrival. Once selected, it will mark the time to arrive either by motorcycle, private vehicle, or bus and the distance we have to travel.

different car icons for Google Maps

Apart from Google Maps, there are also other GPS navigation apps Among them we have.


It was launched in 2010 by Waze Mobile. Is about a real-time transit app and with GPS assisted navigation.

Here WeGo

It is a maps and navigation application this was released on AppGallery. This app displays offline maps, location maps, public transport guide and pedestrian navigation. It was designed so you can effortlessly use navigation when hailing a taxi, taking public transportation, driving a private car, or walking to your destination.


It is an application that produces GPS system for devices, whether they are mobile phones and tablets. It was founded in 2004 and the first navigation company for iPhone, the second for Android.

Google Maps features

Google Maps has become a basic application that we must have on our phone. In addition to helping you with Google Map site addresss has functions that extend its value.

Such as the option to create lists of sites. This option is quite useful when you are heading to a new city and you want to visit several places. Are you forgetting them fast? Well, with this option that will no longer be a problem.

For this you must go to the side menu and select the option ‘Your sites’, there you can see and create your lists according to your categories and tastes.

And as this system has evolved along with technology, it has decided to create its maps in 3D. All you have to do is touch the screen with your two fingers give the bottom of the screen up.

After a couple of seconds the boring basic map turns into three-dimensional blocks. Where you can see the buildings with their designs and shapes.

Imagine the hypothetical situation that you stayed in meet a friend in a coffee shop. You arrived first but your friend is late because he does not fully know the address. Well Google Maps has at your disposal the option of sharing your location.

arrow for a car in google maps change icon

To put it into practice, you just have to touch the blue point that tells you where you are and click on the ‘Share location’ option. Select the contact of your preference and voila! Your friend will not be long in coming.

Advantages of Google Maps

Google maps provides the most information on a specific route. The positive thing is that it allows you to see the routes for the different existing means of transport as the time required and the cost of each of them.

In Google Maps you can print directions and put multiple locations on your route and on your list of locations. It will indicate the available hours and even the range of prices or dishes available in the restaurants of this application.

What does Google Maps mean?

This is a system designed to provide the user with a list of maps that facilitate their mobility in little-known places. And in turn allows to store a list of places which the user visited on day.

It should be noted that for this app to work you must have the GPS option activated throughout the day. In order to thus guarantee the optimal functioning of this service and facilitate access to the location.

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