How to Change the Bitrate or Bitrate Using Audacity

When you listen music, there are many elements of it that are overlooked, such as the size of the file that contains the song, the format and how it is played. This happens with people who do not usually pay much attention to the quality of the music they listen to, because it is usually taken as a minor issue or they have become accustomed to it.

But there are many people who tend to be picky about how they listen to music, looking for FLAC files which is one of the audio formats, for listening to your favorite albums, or trying to buy the best stereo in the store.

In general, the music experience is usually one of quality, and it is something that music critics and well-educated people pay a lot of attention to. This is where factors like good production can greatly affect how a song sounds, in terms of how clean and crisp it sounds.

And this element goes in every small element of a song, as can be the voice, guitars, bass, or other elements that go within it, since it makes a difference in the final quality of the product.

Also, within the production of an audio or a song, there are lots of factors that have to be taken into account, such as the volume, the speed, the depth and the final finish of a song. For example, some artists may be looking to have a fairly retro finish, while others are looking for something cleaner and without too much distortion in between.

Although, if you want to see how good an audio quality is just for its file, you can look at the bit rate it has. And, if you have audio that has too low a bit rate, you can use Audacity to save you from all the quality problems you have.

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What is a bit rate?

After many years of advances in the technology that allows us to listen to music, we have reached a point where we only have to use our digital players to listen to music. And, this has changed absolutely everything we knew before production and control of limeigiven with a particular song.

Often times, recordings of a song or audio are made, and then these have to be compressed into a specific format, such as MP3, so that everything weighs less and can be enjoyable.

But, when a song is compressed, the loss of information that occurs in the process of an audio has to be taken into account. Because basically every little sound in a song is a bit of digital data, the fact that some are missing affects the final quality of a product.

Also, when a song is played, a number of data is processed per second, and this also influences the quality, since the more data is played, the more will be heard at the same time. This is called Bit rate, and it can vary enormously depending on the format and the quality that is required for a certain format.

A clear example is that they need 4 kbits / second in a format MP3 that at least makes speech recognizable, and if we want a high quality MP3 we can have the maximum of the format in 320 kbits / second.

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Using Audacity

Audacity is a free program to be able to record and mix all types of audios, and it is perfect to be able to increase the bit rate in any audio you have for a specific purpose. To do this download Audacity and through the menu “File” and with “To open” import the file you want to modify.

Now that you have it open, through “File” and then export it with your Format favorite, and when you give it to save file, you can use the menu “Options” to modify the bitrate in “Constant”. You can download the latest version of Audacity to enjoy much more of its functions.

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