How to Change the Colors of an Image with After Effects to Make It Look Different

Can i change or modify the colors of an image with the After Effects editor? How can I invert the colors and tones of an image or photograph? What do I need to modify the colors and tones of an image in After Effects?

The new one Adobe’s tool is After Effects, this is a tool to carry out any type of editing, however it is mainly used for video productions or graphic animations, with After Effects it is possible to create a cinema 4D payment animation, create characters, perform animations in 2D, 3D, anime format or speed up or slow down a video.

One of the best tools and features that After Effects has is to change the colors of an image completely so that it can look different from its original version. If you are interested in learning how to change the colors of an image or any object in a video with After Effects, today we will explain it to you step by step.

How to change the colors of an image with After Effects?

Changing the colors of an image or video with Adobe After Effects is extremely simple and useful because in many cases you can improve your clips or shots up to 85%. The first step in changing the colors of an image is open your After Effects editor.

With the After Effects editor It will not be necessary to download additional tools or plugins to be able to change the colors of an image, in addition, if you change the colors of a video, After Effects allows you to export the video with a transparent background.

Once you are in After Effects you must create a new composition and select the image or video to which you will change the colors. Then you must go to the “Effects” search engine and click on the “Change to color” effect. It is important to select the effect “Change to color” and not “Change color”.

change colors of an image in after effects

After selecting the effect “Change to color” you must drag this to your work area, in this way a new track for editing and settings will appear on the left side of the screen.

Steps to apply the ‘Change to color’ effect and change the colors of an image or video

Changing the colors of an image or video is quite easy with the “Change to color” effect in Adobe After Effects. The After Effects editor It has a fairly complete and easy-to-apply toolbar, and thanks to the completeness of After Effects it is possible to make video effects with FaceApp.

Once you have selected the effect “Change to color”In the editing or settings track, you must click on the icon of an eyedropper and choose the new color that you want to apply to your image or video.

Then you just have to click on the object or area you want to change and After Effects will automatically apply the new color.

Steps to edit with the ‘Change to color’ effect in After Effects

If when changing the color of an image or video in the After Effects editor there are traces of the old color, you can improve this with the tool After Effects “Hue”, this is in the left side of the editor.

after effects change different colors

To remove the remains of the old color you just have to press the symbol “+” next to “Hue” to the level where the original color is not noticeable. At the same time, you can improve the smoothness of the image to make it more natural.

In this way with only press click you will modified the color of an object in your image or video. A tip for the image to look more natural or real is when choosing a color, after you have selected this and found within the settings it is advisable not to choose shades of it that are on the edges.

If you choose a color on the left edge the tone will be very blurred, if you do it with the right side this it will acquire a “garish” hue.

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