How to Change the Desktop or Screen Background Image of my Macbook? (Example)

If you are one of those who love originality. Stand out for showing your own designs and compositions, even in the way you personalize the screen of your computer or laptop. In this note we will teach you how to change the background image of my MacBook

Since its launch in 2006, MacBook devices, in addition to impressing consumers due to their avant-garde exterior design, striking colors and versatility, have also stood out for their user-friendly applications and easy handling.

Be the owner of a MacBook is always synonymous with having a reliable and hard-working team. If you add to this, the touch of elegance and good taste, because you have the ingredients to stand out from the crowd.

And a way to stand out from among many, the apple company offers you on your MacBook, having the possibility to customize, to your liking, the background of the main screen or desktop. This time we will show you how to do it, how to change the background image of my MacBook.

You can also try accessing your MacBook’s BIOS, from where you can make specific changes to your laptop’s control system.

Why customize your wallpaper?

Not always the desire to change the background image of my Macbook is due to a purely aesthetic decision. In general, when a lot of time is spent in front of a computer screen, the user’s eyes tend to get tired, for this reason frequent screen refresh is necessary.

desktop computer

Another reason, not purely aesthetic, has to do with a matter of being practical. If you work in an office or in your own workshop, and you have several MacBooks working at the same time, on the same desk, the one with wallpapers diverse, facilitates a better differentiation between the teams and that you do not make mistakes when entering one of them.

make difference

Of course, there is also the fact of wanting to make a difference and when talking about refresh main wallpapers or desktop, MacBook offers multiple alternatives.

From those who enjoy the variety of default graphic alternatives that Mac offers through its wallpapers. As photos of splendid landscapes or cities, those who opt for more personal or intimate options, such as family photos or photos taken by themselves.

In a nutshell, Mac allows you to make aseemingly simple app like screen refresh, a unique personal experience.

In order to customize your MacBook, you could also change the sound settings for email notifications.

How to change the background of my Macbook?

If you are not one of those who go around with many searches and, on the contrary, you are one of those who prefer the alternatives that Mac offers you for screen refreshing, the simple way to do it is through the “System preferences”.

Once here, click on “Desk and Screensaver ”, you have to be answer that you have selected the option “Desk”. You will find, on the left, a drop-down menu called “Manzana”, and then a folder with the name “Desktop images”.

photo gallery

In this repository the various default wallpapers that the device comes from the factory will appear. Decide the image you want to use for screen refresh, do “click” over it and voila.

For those who prefer simple wallpapers. Mac offers you the option to choose between “Solid colors”. You can also customize it by choosing from default.

Something more personal

If yours is more personal, something more intimate, Apple offers you the alternative of changing the background image of my Macbook from your personal photo gallery.

The way to do it is also simple. You go to the menu already indicated above “Preferences of the system”. Click here the option “Desk” and you go to the folders where you have your photos stored, here you simply have to navigate until you find the photo of your choice.

On the pre-selected graphic, click on it and with a simple “click” and you will automatically have it as your desktop background photo. To conclude, having a Macbook device is an experience in itself gratifying And yes, you know how to take advantage of advantages such as customizing your main wallpapers, the experience can be even better.

If you have a MacBook Pro you should know that you also have the option to customize and configure the Touch Bar and Control Strip.

To improve the use of your MacBook and to be able to save all your documents and photos without any problem, it is recommended that you increase the storage space.

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