How to Change the Download Folder Location from ‘Disk C’ to ‘Disk D’

Through the following guide we will teach you how to change download folder location from ‘disk C’ to ‘disk D’. In addition to this, you may also be interested in changing and organizing the Outlook folder list, in the case of using this application.

The ‘Downloads’ Folder and what you should know before changing it

In the latest versions of the Windows operating system there is the folder “Downloads”. This folder, as its name indicates, is the place where the files we download go. For this reason, all documents and other elements downloaded with browsers and other programs usually end here.

The downloaded documents are located in a specific space. In the case of Windows, the default download folder is set to the local disk C. Still, this can be changed very easily. Something that we will teach you in this tutorial. Anyway, you should keep a few things in mind before you start.

Use a hard drive with space

It is important to use a hard drive that has enough space for the downloads you will make. At the same time, when making the change, it is important to have a minimum occupied storage space by the elements already present in the download folder.

Use always-present storage

In addition to the above, we do not recommend using removable storage, therefore, if you plan to change the downloads folder from “C” to “D”, note that said hard disk will be always connected to the computer.

hard drive downloads

On the other hand, if you are a OneDrive user, it is convenient to know the method to change the default location of the OneDrive folder. Without further ado let’s continue.

How to change the download folder location from ‘disk C’ to ‘disk D’

By following the steps below you can change the folder downloads from Windows to disk “D” or any other on your system.

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Create the folder where the downloads will be saved

Before starting the process, it will be necessary to create the folder where you want the downloads to be saved from now on. To do this, simply go to the hard drive of your choice (in this case “D”) and create the folder “Downloads” in the place that seems best to you.

The previous process will be necessary, since that will be where the downloaded files will begin to be saved. We recommend creating the folder at the root of your hard drive, but you can do it anywhere.

Change the location of the Windows Downloads folder

Now we will proceed to change the site where the downloads are saved by default in Windows. Therefore, the first thing you should do is go to the place where the original folder is located. You can access it very easily by going to the file explorer and selecting “Downloads” from the Quick Launch.

folder downloads location

In any case, in the most recent versions of Windows this folder is located in “C: Users ” your username ” Downloads. Once you are there we can proceed with the process to change the location of the folder. It’s very simple, just read the following carefully.

At the top of the browser screen the option “Organize” will appear, click on it. Now just look for the “Properties” section and click on it, after this the folder options will appear. There go to the “Location” tab.

The location will show the current default folder where the downloads are saved. To proceed with the change, click on the “Move” option which is located just below the folder address. The only thing left to do is select the folder that you had created previously and give the option “Select Folder”.

Click on “Apply” after which Windows will ask for a confirmation, just click on “Yes”. Once the process has finished, the “Downloads” folder will have been changed correctly. From now on, by default downloads from browsers and other programs will end in this place.

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