How to Change the Download Folder Location on Chromebook? (Example)

Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS. They were conceived under the premise of being “Always connected” to the internet, since they work with the “cloud”. This being one of the main advantages of Chromebooks. For this reason, downloads are common in them and hence, sometimes, it is necessary to change the location of the download folder on Chromebook.

As expected, Chromebook also works with the Google Chrome browser, where millions of daily downloads are registered in just 1 minute. Users have under their control a large number of tools that facilitate this activity. You can take the experience to another point by customizing the appearance of your Chromebook desktop.

Step by step to change the download folder location on Chromebook

The file downloads folder is always predetermined for each browser, that is, in every possible scenario, it will be in the same place. In it, everything that was ever downloaded from the internet will be stored, whether they are photos, videos, text documents, programs, games, among other cases.

At first glance and without looking beyond the current panorama, it does not seem to represent any problem for users, but the reality is quite different. When the number of downloaded files is exuberant, the folder fills up and loses its meaning, becoming more and more tedious to find what has been obtained from the internet.

First, open the browser and in the upper right part of it, do “Click“In the three points that correspond to”Customize and control Google Chrome ”. Alternatively, you can type in the search bar “Chrome: // settings /” (without quotes) to directly access the next options menu.

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Then go to the last window deal and press “Advanced configuration” with a simple click. A new window will open where you will have to press the section “downloads”To continue the process of changing the download folder location on your Chromebook.

Once in the final step, press “Change”And proceeds to choose the new folder that will be the new storage for future downloads. From then on, all files will follow that new path and will not be saved in the default folder of the browser as usual.

Also make sure to keep your Chromebook updated to the latest version of Chrome OS for best performance.

Step by step to move your download folder to an external device

Certain of the disadvantages of Chromebooks is that they do not have a large storage space for the information traffic they store. Therefore, sometimes it is vitally important to change the location of the download folder on Chromebook from internal storage to a supplementary device, such as an SD card.

To get started, insert the external media to use before modifying the default download options on your Chromebook. If you want to format the device, just open “Files app”, right click hovering over the storage unit and finally select “Format device” by default in FAT32 format.

As in the previous steps, open the browser and choose to click on “Customize and control Google Chrome” or just write “Chrome: // settings ”. Scroll down once more and click on “Show advanced configuration”.

download arrow symbol

With the external device properly connected, scroll down to the download section and select “Change”(Change) with a simple click. This action leads to the opening of the file explorer, allowing you to enable the USB drive or SD card as the case may be to change the location of the download folder on the Chromebook.

Chosen the external medium on the side, click on “Open” (to open). When the process is complete, added to the title of the external drive, the final configuration should show “Media> removable>”. And voila, you are officially done.

Remember that if you have a problem in any of the processes described above, it may be due to lack of update or due to an internal error with the software or the account, so if you cannot achieve your goal, you can proceed to remove or eliminate an account and reposition it.

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