How to Change the Font in WhatsApp Messages or Status without Applications

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging tool in the world; that is why it is frequently renewed with new functions and features for its users. For this reason, WhatsApp now allows its users to change the appearance of the text of the messages and the status to highlight or highlight important aspects of it.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to change the font in messages or status of WhatsApp without applications; Applying these simple steps will allow you to give a different look to the texts you write on WhatsApp.

How to change the font of WhatsApp messages without applications?

Bold font: If you want to highlight a part of the text, use bold; to use bold in WhatsApp you must enclose the word or phrase with asterisks . For example: * Mary is buying * resultMaria is buying

. Italics: To write in italics you must add to the text a underscore or low slash (_) at the beginning and end of the word or phrase. Example: _María is buying_ the text would look like this

Maria is shopping. Strikethrough: Wrap the text with a prime

(This sign is shaped like the tilde of the ñ, that is why it is known as the tilde of the eñe), that is, add a small tilde before and after the phrase or word that you want to cross out. Example: ~ Maria is shopping ~. Monospace o fixed width: For the text, phrase or word you are writing to have a typewriter style you must place three back single quotes

(open accent) before and after the text;  You can find this symbol in the symbols menu on the keyboard.  Example: `` Maria is shopping. ''

letter format that the whatsapp app has You must bear in mind that the symbols you place at the beginning and at the end

of the phrase will not appear in the text you send; In addition, to change the letter format you must make sure that the phrase or word has the symbols at the beginning and at the end to be able to change the appearance of the letters.

Another method to change the font Another way to bold, italicize, strikethrough, and monospace text is by using theaction drop-down menu

. To use this menu you must keep your finger pressed on the word to which you want to change its format immediately that word will be selected; When you select a word, two markers will appear on both sides, these will allow you to expand the selection. When you select the word a drop-down window with various options

like copy, paste, bold and three dots; by clicking on these points you can select italics, strikethrough and monospace.

In the same message you can use several letter formats simultaneously, that is, bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace; but in the same phrase or word you cannot use two types of formats, for example use bold and monospaces at the same time.

  1. Steps to change the font in WhatsApp statuses Within the WhatsApp application go to the tab
  2. “State”. You will immediately see the status of your contacts and your profile picture, but to upload a status with a written text you must click on the small white pencil icon
  3. which is in the lower right corner. It’s easy to upload statuses with long videos including song lyrics. Now you will see a smooth background with almost transparent letters1631232174 464 How to Change the Font in WhatsApp Messages or Status
  4. whatsapp message written with monospace typeface Write the text you want to publish and change the font by pressing over and over again on the White “T”
  5. which is in the lower left corner. Each time you press on the T you will be able to explore the different sources that WhatsApp has, once the status is published you will not be able to make changes to the font. To the text of the state you can also addbold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace

; To do this, you must follow the steps in the previous section, including the symbols before and after each phrase or word. Give a unique and different style to the texts of WhatsApp messages and statuses

changing the look of your typography that way will not only highlight the text, but bring it to life. WhatsApp is an excellent messaging application so it knows all the tricks that you can implement in this app to get the best out of it.

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