How to Change the Font or Font Size in Outlook Messages (Examples)

Email is one of those platforms that has made our lives easier in many ways. There are many activities that we can carry out through this resource, from send or receive text messaging, organize folders, even exchange multimedia content such as images and photos.

Thanks to all these functions it is possible use an email in different aspects of everyday life. Either to interact with our friends and family through the service or to establish a source of communication between our commercial establishment and business with our suppliers / consumers.

How to change the font or font size in Outlook messages?

Outlook offers different alternatives for users of the virtual network, either to create a personal account and a commercial establishment or corporate institution. Since through self-management processes you can get the most out of email.

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Commonly, users who enter their Outlook email have developed a taste for using the platform to perform different activities. This is because tools are easily arranged and just by clicking on a specific section you will have access to them.

The lyrics of the courier in general is quite discreet and readable. So that it does not affect the handling of the service. However, if you are one of the users who want to add a personal touch to any aspect of their networks. You can do this by changing the classic font of the email.

Steps to change the font or font size in Outlook messages

The reasons why a user decides change font size they are diverse; there are users with some difficulties to visualize objects or texts in particular. So they will require resizing to make compression much easier.

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On the other hand are people with an extraordinary visual acuity, which can rate the font size of the email too large for your liking or unnecessary. Whatever your specific case, you can follow the instructions below to change the font size of your Outlook email account:

  • Log into your Outlook email account as you normally would.
  • In the upper right corner of the Outlook home page is a gear-shaped item (similar to a nut); this icon symbolizes the list of available options.
  • By selecting in this section you will have access to a list of drop down options. You must click on “view settings” and then click on the “more options” tool.
  • Subsequently, two selection icons appear. The first is called column font y refers to the font size of the subject section. In the other section, the email address of the account that has sent you a new message appears. The first option is the one that interests us.
  • The row source icon encompasses all the phrases or written texts of the subject section at the time of sending a new message.
  • If what you are looking for is an option practice to visualize in an easy way a message that you have received you can also click on the message and go to the bottom corner of the screen to slide the Zoom bar. Although it is necessary to mention that this option is specific for some message and these changes will not be saved.
  • To change the font type you can:
    • Login to the account and click on the options, then click on file and then on background design.
    • Now you click source and finally you select the type of font and the specific design or size that you want to use.

Remember to also unlink or delete your Outlook account easily. Finally, we hope this article has been helpful. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to change the font size in your Outlook messages? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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