How to Change the Font Size and Applications of my Samsung Galaxy Android- Very Easy

If you find it difficult to see the letters properly on your Samsung mobile, you should know how to change the font size and applications of my Samsung Galaxy Android– Very Easy, a process in which we will guide you through the following guide.

Using the configuration options available on our mobile, it is possible to reach that proper font size and on-screen items with which you feel most comfortable. Fortunately, Samsung devices integrate multiple functions as you can see below.

Change the font size if you have visual problems

In recent years, devices and systems have considered the special needs that many users have, integrating accessibility features to improve the use of your devices.

For example, it is possible to change the default font and font size in Windows 10, a highly recommended option for people with vision problems, but this can also be done on Samsung and Android mobile devices.

One of these functions is the change of Font size and Screen Zoom, both functions that seek to generate comfort in people with visual impairments and problems. Depending on the model of device you have, you will be able to access these functions differently.

How to Change the Font Size and Applications of my

How to change the font size and applications of my Samsung Galaxy Android- Very easy

Vision problems can be a great difficulty when using mobile devices. Fortunately, it is possible to adapt the Android mobile if you have vision problems and there are also other specific measures for Samsung mobiles.

If you have doubts regarding the font and font size changes on your Samsung Galaxy device, don’t worry, just follow the guide we have prepared for you.

  1. In the case of owning a Samsung Galaxy device from the J or S range, the first thing to do is access the “Settings” menu. In this section you can make multiple changes related to your device, including changing the font size of your mobile, as you will see below.
  2. Within the Configuration / Settings menu, you must locate the “Screen” section. Many options related to the screen of your Samsung Galaxy J or S device will be displayed, but the one that interests us this time is Font and screen zoom, click on that option.
  3. If you want to increase the Size of the items on screen, slide the Screen Zoom bar. On the other hand if what you want change font sizeIn the same way, you just have to drag the bar.
  4. We have the option Tiny, which represents the minimum size and Enormous that represent larger font size. Configure this according to your needs and tastes.

On the other hand, you can also change the font size in the Android Chrome browser, something that usually helps when browsing to see the content in a larger size.

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Change font size and applications on Samsung Galaxy A-range device and other models

In the case of owning a Samsung Galaxy device from the range A, the process changes a bit in relation to the devices of the J or S. range. In any case, it is quite simple, if you have doubts, just read the following guide:

  1. Click on the “Settings” option, where the multiple configurations that you can make on your mobile system will be displayed.
  2. Go to the “Screen” section, where you can change brightness, modes and other functions. Among the multiple options present, we find “Font size and style” and “Screen zoom”. These being the sections that compromise the size of the elements in our device.
  3. In the case of font size and style, we can drag the small bar located at the bottom to decrease and increase the size of the font. Similarly in font style it is possible to switch between the available options and you can even download new fonts if that’s what you want.
  4. On the other hand, the screen zoom will intervene directly in the size of the text boxes, and other elements that will appear in the applications of our mobile. If you have visual problems integrating this function in relation to the font size could be very useful. To change it just slide the bar as with the font size.

The previous tutorial was for Samsung and Android devices, but you can also make the font size larger on the iPad or iPhone with relative ease.

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