How to Change the Graphics Card of my PC for a New One Easily? (Example)

Graphics cards are very important components within a computer. Its function is to allow the processing of graphic elements to display them on the screen and thus improve the performance of the computer. Over the years, its technology improves, which leads to wanting to change the graphics card of your PC for a new one.

With the advancement of computer and software technology, they require more and more graphic resources. Because of this, graphics cards are constantly evolving. Even today it is possible to upgrade your Intel or Nvidia video graphics card without programs.

These technological advances increase the capacity with which they process graphic data, thus leaving some graphic cards obsolete over time.

What makes the acquisition or the swap the old graphics card for a new and improved one in order to obtain the desired graphic performance.

Things to consider before changing the graphics card

Taking into account what it is, what it is for, use, characteristics and types of a graphics or video card, read on.

Before purchasing a new graphics card there are certain elements that must be taken into account. The motherboard of a computer has a slot to insert the graphics card. There are different types of slots which are not compatible with each other. Since if you buy a graphics card that is not for that space on the computer, it will not do any good.

It is also very important to see the power consumption and if it requires alternate power connections. Since if the computer’s power source does not provide enough power, the graphics card will not work and it will be necessary to change the power source for a more powerful one.

Finally the size, there are large graphics cards which can be a problem if you have a small tower or if it collides with other components such as RAM memories. Once you have studied all these aspects and have acquired the correct one, you can proceed to change your PC’s graphics card for a new one

How to Change the Graphics Card of my PC for

Steps to change your PC’s graphics card for a new one

The first thing to do to change the Graphic card is to uninstall the drivers for the old card that will be removed from the computer. This will avoid problems in the computer due to the installation of the drivers of the new component when changing the graphic card of your PC for a new one as easy as knowing the date and time of turning the PC on and off.

For this, you must enter the equipment configuration and enter the section “Programs“Then continue to select” uninstall a program. “

In this window all the programs installed on the computer. Most cards have an install and uninstall client. Also, it is possible to know what video card you have in your PC.

You must proceed to uninstall the one corresponding to the brand of the graphics card and thus the custom driver for that card will have been eliminated.

Physical Installation

After uninstalling the drivers of the old card, you should proceed to turn off the computer and disconnect it from the electrical power for greater safety. If the source has an on / off button, likewise it is advisable to disconnect it.

Then the side cover of the tower must be opened to allow the manipulation of the components. This should be done with a screwdriver and each removed screw should be well stored. Once the cover is removed, the tower must be touched to eliminate static and thus not damage any component. It is also advisable to have your shoes on during the entire process.

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After removing the static, you can proceed to remove the screws that secure the graphics card to the tower from the rear. After performing this procedure, the card should be carefully pulled out, placed in a safe place, and the other card inserted.

You have to be careful if they have alternate connections or a cable that comes out of them. Once installed, we proceed to place all the screws, then those of the cover and turn on the computer. The last thing that would be necessary to change the graphics card of your PC for a new one would be to enter the drivers cd to install them or search for them on the internet.

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