How to Change the Icon of Applications with App Inventor? – Easy and Fast (Example)

Change the apps icon with App Inventor It is one of the simplest tasks that there is in the support. Emphasizing that it is a tool for developers of applications and other software.

Broadly speaking, App Inventor is defined as a app creator for android phones. This works through an online browser together with an interconnected phone or emulator. The servers of the program have to be able to store the work of the users, therefore it allows the follow-up of the executed projects.

As well as you can change the icon of the applications, App Inventor also allows you to add and center buttons in applications as it suits you.

Step-by-step guide to change app icon with App Inventor

As with any program, its modification or manipulation depends on certain criteria, among them are the following:

Login to the platform

The first step is for developers to create an account within the official App Inventor page. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, just register and fill in the information requested on the interface.

Then in the Main panel press the button to create a new project, there a new template will be displayed with all the commands.

Modifying or changing the app icon with App Inventor

For this action, the user will have to locate in the lower right area a button that says “Upload New “. Immediately, a pop-up window will appear for the entry of the new image.

It is necessary to have the file on your computer, as you proceed to press an option that says: “Selection”. Then, follow the path where the file or photograph in question is located.

Upload new

Once the process is finished, to finish, press the button “Okay”. To verify that the document was uploaded correctly, the name of the document has to appear on the creation page, just above the add button.

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In addition to changing the appearance of your application icon, you can also put the image you want on the buttons.

What are the elements that make up App Inventor?

Basically, it is one of the help supports that allows you to change the icon of the applications with App Inventor in a few steps. But, it also has some elements such as:

App Inventor Designer

This is the section for selection and construction of the operational components of the application. For developers, it is the most important area, since the success of the project or its effectiveness will depend on it.

Tool Block Editor in App Inventor

Developers have the opportunity to assemble program blocks for the development of its operations. That is, developers assemble programs visually, putting it together piece by piece like a puzzle. The entire procedure is reflected in the linked telephone, this for the observation of errors or obstacles as it is built.

Can I assemble apps without a phone?

The answer is yes. If you do not have an Android device, you can continue with the project, but you must use an emulator for this type of operating system.

For those who do not know about technology, a emulator it is software that can be run from a computer and behaves like a normal telephone.

What operating systems is it compatible with?

It is very important to note that the supported operating systems are the following: Apple like Mac, some models of Windows, Linux and GNU. Most Android phones also feature in this classification, especially versions of the 3.

Once your project is ready you will be interested in knowing that you can import or transfer your work from App Inventor to Thunkable.

select file

These are the most important features of App Inventor

The application editor and creator, App Inventor has some representative features, among the most important are the following:

  • Allows the creation of visual or graphic elements, so it can be adapted to any scheme or project that you want to do with it.
  • For the programming language it uses a format called Kawa, This works under an operating system called GNU belonging to the Free Software Foundation.
  • The construction of applications is managed in less time, in relation to other more complex and traditional digital media or platforms.

Another program that allows you to design and create applications is Android Studio which you can install on any PC with Linux, Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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