How to Change the Notification Sound of Applications on Android? – Step by Step (Example)

Wouldn’t it be great to have a custom sound for each notification? So you know, just by listening to the sound, what type of notification has arrived, whether it is a SMS, a notification from Facebook or an email. Learn how to change the sound of notification of applications on Android as easy as deactivating the Android administrator.

One of the most outstanding features of Android, and one of the favorites of its users, is that it is completely customizable. For this reason many people choose it over other operating systems.

Being able to customize each of the aspects of your mobile is an advantage that is greatly appreciated. From the most common things such as wallpapers, to the notification tone for each application. Like a little kind of secret code that only you will understand.

If you have come this far it is because you do not know how to change the notification sound of Android apps. To find out, read on.

First steps to change the notification sound of applications on Android

The first thing you should do to change the notification tone of the system application, such as the calls wave Messenger service, is to define what sound you want to put on it. It can be a melody recently listened to and repeated several times on Spotify easily.

If you don’t want to set one of the default sounds, you can download a file in MP3 format. Make sure that it is saved in the internal memory of the phone, since if it is filed on the SD card it can cause problems. You can choose to compress MP3 audio without losing quality to make it lighter and more storable.

After you have your audio file you must locate it in the storage folders of your mobile. Usually this type of file is saved by default in the music folder.

change the sound of notifications

Once you have located your audio file, select it and press the option “Copy”And copy it to the folder named“Ringtones”. In this way, it will appear among the options when changing the notification sound of Android applications.

Although this procedure can be done perfectly from your phone, it is true that it can become a bit complicated if you do not have prior knowledge of how to do it. For this reason, it is advisable to do it from a computer if it becomes too complicated. You just have to connect the mobile to the computer using a USB Cable.

Set the ringtone

After having performed the previous procedure, it is time to start changing the notification sound of the applications in Android.

For this you must access the settings of your mobile and look for the option “Sound Settings”. When you have it located select it. It will take you to a screen where you can see the different sound configuration options. Go as far as it says “Ringtone”.

It will open a tab where all the options that you can choose to customize the ringtone appear. There choose the one you like the most.

Many telephones allow you to listen to the sound so you can determine if that is the one you want or not. And voila, you have already changed the ringtone of your mobile.

Change Android notification sound

As with the ringtone, the notification sounds can also be personalize. These refer to notifications from SMS, email, or other native applications of the operating system.

change ringtone

For this you just have to go to the settings on your phone and then access the “Sound Settings”. There you must locate the section that says “Notification sounds”.

As in the call settings, here you can choose from a variety of tones and sounds. Choose the one you like best. In many cases the phone will automatically play the sound so you can hear it.

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Change the notification sound of apps on Android

Change the sound of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram cannot be done from the phone settings. To do this you must go to the configuration of each app. Usually the procedure is the same but it is done directly in the settings of each application.

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