How to Change the Number of Times Actions Can Be Undoed in 3D Studio Max

Thanks to the computer technology that many professionals have developed, in recent years we have been allowed to enjoy great advantages in many fields of our lives, such as performing different images in different dimensions.

A profitable job from your company doing some type of image animation to create various types of content, from there programs such as 3D Studio Max have been created to facilitate this type of project.

These systems, programs or applications They help us to achieve these objectives, but which in turn does not necessarily have to have extensive knowledge in the field.

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All you have to do is know how to handle your laptop, so enjoy these programs and applications from the internet for free from your mobile.

Likewise, like the Instagram instant photo album, as well as simple programs for creating, editing, producing objects such as Paint, and others that allow create text in three dimensions.

What is 3D Studio Max?

It is a program created initially by the Yost Group, and it was launched on the market in 1990, later, it is developed by Autodesk, a company that is dedicated to 2D and 3D design for the manufacture of infrastructures, entertainment media, construction via wireless.

3D Studio Max allows you to create texts in three dimensions, edit, give movement and lighting to objects created with the tools that it provides for later use in scenarios that have been created previously, for a movie.

3d studio max

As well as, in the construction of structures such as that of a building, in the elaboration of sculptures and other creative forms or even change the size of your viewers in 3D Studio Max.

But it usually happens that I am already in the process of creating my stage, but the color I chose is not the right one and I have to change it. How do I go about undoing such an action? or in a nutshell how can I undo as many times as I want change some action in 3D Studio? Next, we explain step by step what you should do.

How to change the number of times actions can be undone in 3D Studio Max

When we realize that we have performed a bad action in the development of the creation of an object, right there our alarm sounds in our thoughts and we immediately remember the CtrL + z option to undo such action.

But, such option has a limitation, the number of times you want to undo an action is not infinite, it only allows it up to 40 times, now we are going to follow the following steps like this undo actions in 3D Studio Max.

studio max image details can be changed

Step 1

Go to the menu bar «Customize» and select at the end of the menu «Preferences,» then wait for this option to be displayed.

Step 2

The “Preferences” window will open, locate the “General” tab right there, then “Scene Undo”, this last action is the one that will allow you to change the number of times you want undo your wrong actionsTherefore, set the amount you want.

Always remember that you should not increase your number of times too much, since RAM memory also needs storage space to perform storage operations for the changes you make and to go back some erroneous action.

Step 3

Finally, select «OK» this will indicate to the program that you agree to the established changes, so they will be saved.

Now, you saw that there was no complication, it is only a matter of you proposing it and following the steps that were shown to you, you can now perform the undo option as many times as you want through CtrL + z without any limitation, and all thanks to the tools you can count on through 3D Studio.

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