How to Change the Ok Google Command for Another and the Voice Command Is it Possible?

It is very likely that you already know the new voice assistant that Google has developed to make life even easier and is known as Ok Google. Which you can use on all devices that have Google Chrome as their default search engine and have a Google account.

Its versatility and functionality is recognized, but there are still many things to know. This is why we will show you how to change the command Ok Google for another and the voice command Is it possible?

Through this application which works with voice commands and can be configured so that you do everything you want. From looking for your favorite radio stations, alerting you to look for your children at school. Search for important information in the Google browser all by voice and with the command Ok google.

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Although it is an assistant that users who use it daily have liked a lot, the concern has been heard about whether it is possible to change the Ok Google voice command. And actually, if it is possible to do this and in the next tutorial we are going to indicate the steps you must do to be able to change the Ok Google command by another and voice command.

How to change the command Ok Google for another and the voice command Is it possible?

So if you want the Ok Google voice command to change, you can use whatever you want to make the assistant do whatever you want. If you are using it on a mobile device like Android regardless of the version. You can request that through the voice command Open Kadabra, for example call your mother or send a text message.

mobile ok google command

So the phrase or voice command which you want to be used by the assistant can be done if you carry out the steps that we are going to indicate below. It is important that you understand that before it was possible to do this through an App that you downloaded to your mobile. And this application allows you change voice command Ok Google.

Then you may be wondering how it will be possible to change the voice command, because the solution that we are going to implement is to make the assistant believe that we are saying ok google. When this is not the case and in this way make our request without any problem. We must always bear in mind that it is possible that Ok Google may present an error.

Steps to change the Ok Google command

The platform developers know perfectly well that not all people can vocalize in the same way. And this is why the assistant when listening to the voice command can allow certain phonetic changes to activate. And from this we are going to use so that the assistant accepts our new voice command and performs what we ask.

The important thing about this method that we have discovered is that the assistant thinks it hears that we say Ok Google when we don’t. We can change google by other words that sound very similar to Google. Although you can also make variations of the word Ok and then we will show you one of the different variations that we have been able to find.

OK Bugel, Ok Bubel, Ok Gugu, Ok Gugen, Okay Bugel, Okay Gugun, Okay Bugel, as you can see, we have made a phonetic game with these 7 different variants. And it is possible that others can be found. It is only a question that modules in front of the microphone a word similar to the examples we have shown you and wait for the wizard to recognize it as a valid command.

change voice command

You can keep trying and modulate on your microphone until you get the correct command and it is recognized. You will realize that it is possible to make the change of these commands and the Google assistant like a genius will please you with your request.

And in this way we have successfully concluded this excellent article that showed you that it is possible and very simple change the Ok Google command to another and the voice command.

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