How to Change the Online ID or Go Back to the Previous on PS4 From the Console or PC? (Example)

Your ID is that tag that identifies you above all others, that makes it one of the most personal and relevant elements within a console, that is why it is so important to learn how to change the ID online or go back to the previous one on PS4, and with that in mind, this tutorial was created.

It should be noted that today’s tutorial will teach you to change the general ID of your account, that is, the name by which others generally see you. But there are games that use their own account systems, so entering a new ID there is different (for example, changing the username in Fortnite to different).

How to change the ID online or go back to the previous one on PS4?

Now, to go directly to the point that interests you and that you can learn as soon as possible how to change the online ID or return to the previous one on PS4, the first thing you have to take into account is that for the purposes of this tutorial It will be divided as to do the process on PC and console.

To begin, you have to explain how to change the ID directly from Play, and this is done as follows: first go to “Settings”, then “Account Management”.

From there go to “Account information”, then to “Profile” and finally to “Online ID”, with this action you will be taken to another section where you can change your ID for the one you want or choose a suggestion, and also you can Check a box to keep showing your old ID for an additional 30 days.

playstation id interface

Once you configure the new ID, just click on OK and that’s it. your session will be closed and you will have to re-enter your data to re-enter now with your new ID. It should be noted that only the first name change is free, from the second you have to pay.

The process will remain the same when you have to pay (they are 4.99), the only thing that will change is that after you enter the ID you will have to configure a payment option among those that are available.

Another thing to take into consideration is that to be able to revert to your old ID, you have to call Play technical support, since they are the only ones who will be able to reverse the process that you have done previously.

With the above, you already know how to change the online ID or return to the previous one on PS4 on the same console, so now you will be taught how to change it on PC, so that you can finish with this topic and you can move on to other more relevant ones such as learning how to download games to my PS4 from Android.

The first step to change the ID on PC is to log into the PlayStation Network account management page on the internet, and from there go to your PSN profile (This option is in the menu).

playstation network

Within the same section of the profile, touch the edit button that is next to your ID, that will let you immediately change the name, after doing it alone you will have to give to accept and that’s it.

With that everything will be finished, so you can say that you know how to change the online ID or go back to the previous one on PS4, so there is nothing else you have to do here.

However, before you leave and never come backyou should consider looking for more information about your PS4 so that you know all the functions that are hidden, for example you can investigate: How to upload videos to Twitch from the PC or PS4 ?, so that you can turn your console into a professional, and also start generating money.

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